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The Bachelor: Jake Says No Sex, Vienna Says No Ex, Gia Tells Ellen Yes
Report and Commentary by Ron Lemon
February 18, 2010

I did not have sex
with that woman,
or that woman,
or that woman.
The Bachelor Jake Pavelka says he did not have sex with those women.

Although he took Gia, Tenley and Vienna to separate fantasy suites on the last episode of The Bachelor he insists that there was no hanky-panky with any of them.

And I believe him.

Jake may not be the most exciting guy to come along in The Bachelor series but there is no denying that the guy has some class.

Here is what he had to say, ďIn the Fantasy Suite, you can sleep with one girl, or three girls Ö whatever as a couple you decide to do," he told ET Online. "But tomorrow there is a Rose Ceremony coming up. What are you going to do when you have to look somebody in the eye and the night before you made love to them and you are sending them home?"

Good question, good point.

He went on to say, "I donít know what I would say looking her in the eyes and putting her in the limo. It could have been Vienna, Tenley or Gia. It just happened to be Gia. I am so glad I didnít have to have that conversation."

I don't for a moment think this was a deliberate slam at Ali, but you have to wonder when he says, ďMy definition of in love means I will die to make you happy," he said. "I will lay my life down for yours. You are more important to me. I felt that way for more than one girl at the same time, and it is so confusing. I didnít believe we are engineered to do that, and I was so wrong."

Job or love? Ummm, I think I'll go to work. Wrong answer Ali.

No wonder Jake said Thanks but no thanks when she asked him if she could come back.

Vienna Says It Ain't So
Yesterday we gave you the report that Vienna wants to hook back up with her ex, Brian Lee Smith. Reportedly she went to his home, walked into his bedroom and found him in bed with another woman. Maybe she even threatened violence.

Vienna says none of it is true. In fact she says she was not stalking him, he was stalking her. And maybe that's the way it was.

She claims the last time she saw him was in October, when he was arrested out on her front lawn for tresspassing. Yup, he was arrested on October 10, 2009 outside her parents home, just before she left to begin taping The Bachelor.

A source told RadarOnline "Vienna has not even seen Brian since he was arrested in her front yard."

The source claims that Smith simply could not accept the end of their relationship and was even banging on the front door at Vienna's parents house the night he was arrested.

How is Vienna reacting to all this? ďShe is kind of just laughing off the accusations now because she knows itís a complete lie; she has the evidence to prove that itís all a lie. She is pretty much over and done with it,Ē the source said.

Gia And Ellen
Today the roseless Gia will appear on The Ellen Show. Here's a bit of what is said.....
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