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The Bachelorette: Secrets, Awkward Kisses, and Freak-Outs - Here's The Rankings
Commentary by RTVC Senior Staff Writer Joseph Braverman
June 27, 2012

The tantrum didn't help.
Once again, this week produced another compelling episode of The Bachelorette.

Can we already call this the best Bachelorette season in the history of the series?

This year brought so many amazing moments – Emily didn’t let any douche bags into the final six, for one – that are topped only by the charisma and warmth that Emily exudes on a weekly basis as our Bachelorette.

I know we have a few episodes left, but despite my campaigning of Arie and Emily as a couple, I don’t think this season will end in heartbreak no matter who she ends up choosing.

Got thoughts? Post them at the end.

Before I dive into this week’s episode, I just would like to say how glad I am to be back!

You may have noticed my week-long hiatus, and that is because I was at the Los Angeles Film Festival all week, covering and reviewing the various films that were showcased at the yearly venue.

I did catch up with last week’s episode, so let me just say right away – WOO HOO!

I knew Ryan would go, but I thought it would be by the persuasion of Arie and the production, not Emily herself!

I am extremely proud of our Bachelorette for sticking to her gut and heart, and not allowing that hot-headed donkey to give her a salesman pitch where the closing deal meant Emily signed off to be a vacant-eyed trophy/Stepford wife for life! Great job, Emily!

Now that Humpty Dumpty and Roid Rage are gone – although to be fair, Travis isn’t so bad – we were left with six possible contenders, only one of which I wanted gone stat!

Yep, I’ve been a bit of a Doug basher all season long, I’ll admit, but he really brought his demise onto himself this week.

Whether he was painfully shy or just unsure about Emily, he didn’t have to act so distant and afraid of making bodily contact with her during this week’s group date.

It was if he was rationalizing to Emily why they should be a couple and meet Doug’s family instead of actually feeling what he was saying.

The whole scene made me uncomfortable, and I about died in embarrassment – both for Emily and Doug – when Doug leaned in for a last ditch kissing effort. Talk about wrong place, wrong time!

As for John “Wolf,” well.....

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