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Big Brother 11: Jeff Struggles With Defeat While Jordan Struggles To Understand
Live Feed Spoiler Report and Commentary by Big Sister
August 29, 2009

All out of options.
Its been a quiet day in the Big Brother house.

Jeff is having a hard time coming to the terms with the fact that he "got got".

And that it was Kevin that did him in. Its sad how much trust placed in those two.

But I imagine Russell will think he got just what he deserved.

Meanwhile Jordan is having a hard time coming to terms with Jeff.

If you don't know how we got to this point then you will want to read:
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Michelle never did get to sleep after her PoV win last night. She is just to wound up. About 7am Big Brother time she gives up trying and makes herself some breakfast.

Jeff and Jordan couldn't sleep either. They spent most of the night talking and a lot of it was about the game.

Jeff just can't believe that Kevin did not honor his word and nominated him. Jeff and Jordan may be the only people in the world who expected Kevin to be true to his promise.

Jeff also can't believe he lost the PoV. He lost by a minute and ten seconds to Michelle. And he lost because he did not recognize his picture nor Jordan's picture. He beats himself up pretty bad.

During the night Jeff tells Jordan she has a good chance of making final two if she plays smart. He tells her she has to create an alliance with Michelle or she has no chance. He believes Michelle is going to win the game.

They do spend a little time making out so I guess they are feeling a little closer to each other again.

Jeff also tells her that he would rather just go home than go to the Jury House and "spend two weeks with people I fucking hate and never want to see again".

Later in the morning Jeff is floating in the pool. Michelle joins him and they don't say a word to each other. You would think Jeff would start trying to help Jordan by talking to Michelle on her behalf. But he doesn't. He can't get past his anger.

Eventually Michelle goes inside and Jordan comes out. She asks Jeff if Michelle said anything and he barks "No!". Jeff didn't say anything either.

Jeff gets out of the pool and says "Congrats to everyone but I don't want to talk". He walks off and leaves Jordan there.

Later Jordan tells him "You never know, you should start campaigning" and an angry Jeff snarls "Fucking what? If I campaign, you're going home".

Jordan had told him several times that she is willing to go and that he should stay because he has a better chance of winning. Actually I think Jordan has a better chance than she gives herself credit for. And I think she has an excellent chance to taking home the second place prize money.

I think that is part of the reason for Jeff's anger. I think he really wanted them both to make final two and get the money. Now he knows that if he somehow managed to stay that Jordan would be out of it.

I'd give a months worth of pizza if Kevin would replace Michelle by nominating Natalie. But its not going to happen. Even Jeff knows that.

Not much of a report this evening, but not a lot has happened today.

I'll have more for you later.

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