Big Brother 18: James Chooses A Side And Natalie Is Ready To Go
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Big Brother 18: James Chooses A Side And Natalie Is Ready To Go
Live Feed Report from Big Sister
September 8, 2016

About to get boned.
Welcome to another Big Brother Live Feeds Report brought to you by Big Sister.

I left off at 4:50am BBT and nothing happened worth reporting to you

Before we get in to what happened when they got up let's look at last night's episode...

Would somebody help me. I'm confused. Last week didn't Julie tell the hamsters she would see them on Wednesday?

Is it my lack of sleep? A dream? Or did it just not happen? Your help appreciated.

I wish they would have shown more of whack-a-doodle nasty Natalie. Most of the viewing public is never going to know how crazy and manipulative and damaged this girl is. Think what you think of James as a player but I still feel sorry for him.

No donations at all again yesterday. But I owed Robert who had wanted to hear some Dolly Parton. Here you go Robert and thank you for your support.

At 8:57am the lights go on in the house. Not that anyone cares. Except a sleeping Nicole who is called to the Diary Room.

When she comes back she gets into bed and loudly says “Good Morning Corey!”

His hand does something under the covers and she yells “Corey!” It's an effort to get him to stop whatever he is doing.

They argue about what they may or may not want to do in bed while in the house. This means what Nicole is willing to do.

Corey gives her a C- for her efforts up to date.

A little after 1pm and James is showering and Corey is brushing his teeth.

Corey quietly asks how things went when James went back to talk to Natalie last night.

James tell him that he apologized and they worked some things out but it looks like they will just be friends.

The topic of the afternoon is if and when a “Secret Eviction” might be held. Nobody has any idea but they all know there are two many hamsters in the house.

Later Natalie is with James and talking about Karma. She says “God knows what these people did. Karma will get them.”

James just sits there.....

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