Big Brother 18: Nominations Break Up The House
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Big Brother 18: Nominations Break Up The House
Live Feed Report from Big Sister
September 10, 2016

Rage Beast
Welcome to another Big Brother Live Feeds Report brought to you by Big Sister.

Today's report is going to be shorter than it deserves.

I'm sorry but I am just not feeling well.

I promise you that I will get you all the highlights.

And the lowlights.

It's nomination day. Corey has promised to put both Paul and Victor on the block. That should be fun. Which explosion will be bigger.

Nicole is afraid of the aftermath. She doesn't want to be there.

James turned the final twosome into a final three and they are the new power in the house.

I choose the music today so here is a collection of Martina McBride...

Big Brother wakes them up at 9:00am BBT. The music plays and 15 minutes later when the feeds return they are all still asleep.

About an hour later Cory and Nicole sit down for breakfast and coffee. She reminds him to sound strategic when he does his nomination speech.

Fortunately there is very little going on during the day.

About 4pm Victor tells Paul he can't stand to be around Nicole and Corey because they are always cuddling.

Or maybe it's because he wants to be Corey.

He is annoyed with James because James always mimics what you say.

He is annoyed because people can't properly dispose of the paper coffee filters.

Victor's bad day is abut to get worse. Much worse.

The feeds go down for the nomination ceremony.

When they come back Corey has done it. Paul and Victor are on the block.

Victor turns to Paul and asks “Wreak havoc?” Paul says “Nah.” Victor says “I won't be friendly.”

Paul thinks this is James fault. He got to them.

Upstairs James tells Nicole and Corey “that it was a hard move but you let them know it was just a game move.” Nicole gives Corey a hug and says “Great move.”

I get the impression that Nicole's rating of Corey's manhood has just shot up. He may get pretty lucky later.

As for the move itself it was a big game move and well played but Victor doesn't share James thoughts. He's damn pissed.

He wants to go all Rambo on them because he trusted them. Again Paul tells him to “let it go.” Paul understand that at this point there is nothing them can do but let it play out.

Victor wins PoV and comes down. Cory will replace him with James. Victor will vote to save Paul. Nicole will vote to save James. Corey will break the tie and Paul is gone.

Their only chance is.....

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