Big Brother 18: PoV Ceremony And The Aftermath
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Big Brother 18: PoV Ceremony And The Aftermath
Live Feed Report from Big Sister
September 12, 2016

What has she done?
Welcome to another Big Brother Live Feeds Report brought to you by Big Sister.

Well the first 20 minutes of the episode showing the slip and slide comp was filler. But it was fun to watch filler.

I always enjoy the fall compilations. I always laugh while they risk breaking a hip. What does that say about me?

And Big Brother. And the fans. And the hamsters willing to do anything for half a mil?

It's the society we have evolved into. But hey, it's entertaining.

Today's Pick the Music winner is Maureen and she wants to hear some Jimmy Buffet.

I think a trip to the Keys is just what we need.

Thank you for you support Maureen. Here's Jimmy...

I left off at 1:30am.

There is a long conversation about an hour later with Paul, Victor and Jame. The subject is Natalie and the relationship between her and James.

But there is nothing new in it. Nothing revealing. James continues to live in a fantasy world of a relationship that just will not happen.

Big Brother plays the music at 9am BBT.

Fifteen minutes later Paul, Victor and James are all up. James notices that they are still locked inside and can't go out. He says something sketchy is going on.

They go back to bed.

An hour later Nicole is up and making breakfast for Corey.

At 11:00 am the backyard is open. Nicole and Corey are out on the patio.

Ten minutes later, sleeping hamsters like it or not, it's time for the Veto ceremony.

Big surprise here. Nicole has decided not to use the Veto.

News editors across the nation sigh. They were so hoping for a story. They recall all the live vans and trucks. The reporters all depart for Aimes, Iowa where a farmer has grown a six pound potato that looks like Kim Kardashian's butt.

I've seen it. I just looks like a really big potato to me. But there is something about the eyes. I'd avoid that potato.

Paul is going over his eviction speech. He asks Natalie if it is okay if he jokingly calls her a snake. Nicole tells him it is okay.

Later Nicole tells Corey and James.....

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