Big Brother 18: Eviction, HoH, PoV And More
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Big Brother 18: Eviction, HoH, PoV And More/B>
Live Feed Report from Big Sister
September 14, 2016

He's earning it it.
Welcome to another Big Brother Live Feeds Report brought to you by Big Sister.

It's 9pm BBT and midnight in the east. The feeds are back and so am I.

I got 12 hours of sleep. Thank you Big Brother!

A quick look at the episode: Of course it wasn't live, it was all taped. We'll pretend not to know.

We saw the predictable eviction of Victor. The guy played a hell of a physical game but his social game was a little harsh and he was too much of a comp beast. Made him a threat and he got the boot.

Paul won the HoH. Who will he nominate. If you don't know you should go back and read my season's coverage.

Nicole and Corey are going up. After that it will depend on who wins Veto. And for that you will have to read on.

Mia is today's Pick the Music winner.. She wanted to hear some John Mellencamp.

Here you go Mia. Enjoy...

Before we get into the feeds I have something I need to tell you.

This will be my last season of live feeds coverage. My age, my health, and the financial situation the last few summers have left me in have made it impossible to continue.

I'll miss it. 13 yeas of coverage. Over 1,200 reports without missing a single day. I'm proud of it.

And I've had a wonderful time. I hope I've kept you up to date and entertained over the years.

Thank you to all the friends I've made and all the support from those of you who have contributed.

For all you trolls, haters, and know-it-alls; bugger off!

Live another 30 or 40 years and then you will have earned the right to talk to me. But by then, I'll be gone. LOL. I win again.

And now the feeds...

The first thing we see is Paul and James in the kitchen cleaning up. Paul does not look happy. No reason why.

Nicole and Corey are in bed. Nicole asks Corey if they should just ask James who he is voting to evict. Sounds like neither Nicole of Corey won the veto.

And we find out Paul won the veto. I don't think he'll use it. He's got what he wants.

James comes into the room and Nicole immediately asks “Who's the target.” James tells her he doesn't know and he doesn't think Paul knows yet.

James tells them that if Paul throws him a lifeline by not using the Veto he will have to repay him.

Corey keeps saying that he is going. He knows James will vote him out and he is okay with than.

Again James says he is going to have to repay Paul if he is left off the block.

Nicole looks sad. She says “There is no reason Paul wouldn't want you gone.” Corey says “Yes.”

Corey is angry but at the same time trying to take it in stride. He tells Nicole that she should be happy. Her family will be coming out.

Paul is up in the HoH room. Eyes covered with a tshirt. Silent.

James goes downstairs. There is nothing for him to say or do.

But Nicole is in a pity me whine fest. They believe that Corey is getting evicted and she is in self pity mode.

He tells her agan and again that she made final three and her family is coming to see her.

But she whines that it is not fair and he shouldn't be talking to her like that.

If Corey had a shot gun I'm not sure if he would use it on her or himself.

Nicole finally turns the light out and gets in bed with him.

Corey isn't happy and turns away from her. She just stares off into the distance.

Corey is saved by the Diary Room.

Up in the HoH Paul is telling James that he loves Nicole and Corey but it is the end of the game and strategy dictates that one of them has to go.

James tells him that they are pressing him for a direct answer.

Paul says “It is my HoH and my Veto. They have to respect that.”

James tells him that it is Paul's call. If he wants Corey out he will just tell him. Of course Corey is who Jams wants gone. He is still protecting Nicole and wants a final 2 with her.

Later Paul is talking to Nicole and reminds her that he is saving her life. He wants her in the final two as well and doesn't believe that James deserves it.

Nicole is still whining about Corey leaving. She tells Paul she feels like self evicting. Paul tells her “This is not a dating show, this is a game show!”

He tells her not to share any of the plan or this conversation with Corey.

He says “If you shit on this final 2 deal I will cut your bun off and sell it on eBay.” Nicole laughs, lifting the mood a little.

She is still hesitant. Paul tells her she is an idiot.

Nicole leaves and a few minutes later Corey walks in.

Paul tells him that he loves both him and Nicole. Corey laughs. The he tells Paul that he loves him too.

Paul tells him that it is a hard thing to do but he going to have to send Corey out. He wanted Corey to have a heads up.

Downstairs Nicole is in bed alone and whispering her Veto speech.

Upstairs Corey calls Paul a DickHead who is a really nice guy and he is glad to have played the game with him.

Corey is called to the Diary Room and Paul goes down and tells Nicole about his conversation with Corey.

Later when it is Nicole and Corey alone she tells him that she is taking James to final 2. Corey says “Absolutely.”

They snuggle up in bed. Nicole tells him she is going to miss him and he says he will miss her too.

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