Big Brother 18: The Final 3, And HoH Part 1
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Big Brother 18: The Final 3, And HoH Part 1
Live Feed Report from Big Sister
September 15, 2016

Working so hard to earn it.
Welcome to another Big Brother Live Feeds Report brought to you by Big Sister.

First a quick review of last night's episode.

We saw Paul choose not to use the PoV and leave the nominations the same so that James could evict Corey.

And that gave us a final three of Paul, Nicole and James.

Part 1 of the 3 part HoH is up next.

You guy's are letting me down. I pick the music again today.

There is a song that has always meant a lot to me. So instead of a collection, here is just the single version of Jackson Brown's “Load Out / Stay”

We left off a little before midnight with everybody settling into bed. It was my call. Happy to be right for once.

At 7:10am BBT a camera finds Nicole and Paul in mid-converation in the back yard. He is saying “Long story short, let's just fucking win!” Nicole gets called to the Diary Room.

They are walking them all thru the Diary Room. It won't be long now.

And there they go. At 10:10am The feeds switch to Jeff and Derrick and nobody want to see it for the 357th time.

They are back at 11:57am and we learn nothing. They were probably told to keep their mouths shut.

James asks Paul if the Diary Room told him to move all his shit out of the HoH? Paul says “Yeah.”

They are cooking breakfast for everyone.

We've got a lot of meaningless chat and reminiscencing about the season.

And then at 2:30pm we get Jeff and Jordon. I don't expect the feeds back until after the show. And I expect that Corey will be sent to the Jury house.

See you after the show.

And so that stuff actually happened.

As the episode closes out we see the final three drinking champaign.

Nicole beings talking about missing Corey.

James talks about missing Natalie.

Paul is missing.....

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