Big Brother 18: HoH Part 2 Plans and Plots
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Big Brother 18: HoH Part 2 Plans and Plots
Live Feed Report from Big Sister
September 16, 2016

In the middle.
Welcome to another Big Brother Live Feeds Report brought to you by Big Sister.

By 2:38 they are all settleed in bed and that's where they stay.

With just the three of them and none of them with someone there to “cuddle” with there will be more sleep. When they sleep I get to sleep. Always fun for me. Watching snoring hamsters is one of the highlights of my season.

Today's Pick the Music Winner is Jeffrey who wants to hear some Todd Rundgren

Jeffrey is a long time reader and friend. Here's a selection of Todd Rundgren's best...

At 8am the Hamsters are still snoring away.

But at 8:30am Big Brother has other plans for them. The lights come on, the wake up music plays and Big Brother announces they have ten minutes to get ready for an hour long HoH lock down.

James and Paul thinks it is so production can can get ready the “brunch” they were promised.

James goes to the Storage Room to iron a shirt.

Nicole and Paul go out to the patio to talk about James.

Paul tells her that James believes Paul can beat Nicole in the final 2 comp and that he will take James to final 2 with Paul.

He tells her that James believes he has the votes of Natalie, Michelle, Mama Day, Corey and Nicole. That's a winning 5.

I don't agree. I would question Day and Corey.

The feeds go down and we've got Jeff and Jordon. Again.

The are down for two hours and fifteen minutes.

The three of them all agree that they are going to pass out from alll the food and the Champaign.

Paul thinks Natalie has a good chance at the America's Favorite Player award. James agree.

They think that she would beat Victor because he played to cocky. James says he (Victor) was called El Douchebag because he was so cocky.

It's 11:20am and......

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