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Big Brother 18: HoH Part 2 - Who Is Going To Final 2
Live Feed Report from Big Sister
September 17, 2016

Thinks he's got it under control
Welcome to another Big Brother Live Feeds Report brought to you by Big Sister.

This is the revised version.

Thanks to all of you for your email's and posts in the comments section. Your support and understanding of why this will be my last season is appreciated.

Just three more reports after this one and I'm done. Hard to believe. Remember I don't do an after the finale report. What's the point?

And thanks to you who have donated to help me survive until the paychecks from my regular job return. It's really appreciated.

No Pick the Music winner today so you're stuck with me again.

I'm in the mood for some Billy Joel. Here's a collection of his greatest hits...

At 11:00pm BBT everyone is in bed. At 9:30am they are still all sleeping.

A few words, it doen't deserve more than that, about the episode.

In a Diary Room appearance James told us he was going with Paul, that's where his loyalty lies should he pick the final two.

I believe him but I don't see that situation actually happening.

The more important part of that is that it shows his faith in Paul, that Paul will take him to final two.

The HoH comp we saw at the end was obviously not live. Now it gets confusing.

I am writing a report for you that covers Thursday morning through Friday morning. I closed this report out when it appeared that they were all tucked in for the night. Maybe they were. But Big Brother had other ideas.

Early Friday morning Big Brother held Part 2 of the HoH comp. Friday morning. That's were they got the video of the beginning of the comp.

So I'll resume the report here and bring you the HoH aftermath when we get there.

So on with today's report...

A little after 10:00am Paul and Nicole are in the kitchen. They are the first to get up for Thursday morning.

They hope to just take it easy for the next few days. But they know they will have to listen to James and his stories.

Nicole goes to the Jungle room to study.

Paul comes in and it's chit chat time.

Nicole leaves to study the memory wall and James replaces her. He and Paul slide into meaningless chat.

It's 3:30pm, yeah five and a half hours later.....

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