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Big Brother 18: Nicole's Dilemma, James Is Fighting, Paul's Chillin'
Live Feed Report from Big Sister
September 18, 2016

He's fighting for fifty thousand.
Welcome to another Big Brother Live Feeds Report brought to you by Big Sister.

I left of the last report at 12:46am BBT and they were all down for the night.

Just after 1:00am Dr. Hawkeye Pierce and able sidekick Radar walked through the front door.

Hawkeye went to each of the Hamsters and Radar handed Harkeye a Black Pill. Hawkeye gave it to the Hamster.

When he was done they somberly walked out of the house.

And now we can all forget about the Season of Disappointment.

I so wish that were true.

Today's Pick the Music Winner is good friends Kevin and Lori. They felt some “Endless Summer” by the Beach Boys seemed fitting. I agree.

Here's the album and some extras. Thank you friends and please enjoy...

Anyway all the hamsters are still there, and still breathing.

Although nobody moves until Big Brother wakes them up at 11:01am BBT.

They don't actually move. They twitch and moan a bit.

At 12:18am they are actually up.

Almost twelve hours of sleep.

And for those of you who are bringing up how short my reports have gotten please understand that it is hard to report constant snoring.

But yeah, there are other reasons. I'll talk about it on Wednesday.

Pau and James are talking in the kitchen. Nicole is in the Jungle room practicing her Final 2 speech.

Talk turns to random chat about Big Brother and past hamsters.

It's almost 3:00pm and Nicole is out sunning so the boys are outside doing “legitimate” things so they can ogle her.

Later they are talking about which house guests where very manipulative and lied a lot.

It centers around Frank, Paulie, Tiffany and Day.

Paul says that the problem with Tiffany was that you never know whether Tiffany was tell the truth of not.

Nicole says she believes everything Tiffany said.

Nicole tells them that Tiffany was telling the truth in the fight with Day.

She goes on and on about how people lied about Tiffany because they wanted her out.

They knew she was Vanessa's sister and they were afraid of her.

James says he didn't know.....

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