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Big Brother 18: Tips! They've Got Tips!
Live Feed Report from Big Sister
September 20, 2016

Welcome to another Big Brother Live Feeds Report brought to you by Big Sister.

I'm sure when this is over I will thank The Dog for locking up the guns.

For now I just give him evil looks and he just gives me his silly grin.

But I still feed him.

I pick the music again today. And I will tomorrow as well.

This seems appropriate. Here's Alvin Lee and Ten Years After at Woodstock doing “I'm Going Home.”

I left off yesterday about 12:30am BBT with them all asleep in the London Room.

And that's where they stay and what they did until 9:30am when Big Brother plays the wake up music.

At 9:45am they are all up and awake.

All meaning 3 bored hamsters.

James is crunching cereal out on the patio. Paul is blowing bubbles. Nicole is in the bathroom doing her makeup.

James' cereal crunching must com to an end, as all good thing do, when he is called to the Diary Room.

Nicole joins Paul out on the patio and relays hers conversation with James about the Jury votes.

Paul says he was wondering where James head might be.

Paul tells Nicole that “I've been crapping for the last month.”

The Diary calls Paul in. No doubt to discuss his crapping situation.

Nicole asks James how many votes he thinks he would get against her.

I'm not sure if James is lying or telling the truth when he says 2.

He goes on to explain why he wouldn't get the other votes.

He says that if he was up with Paul he has no idea what would happen.

Almost 1pm BBT and Paul.....

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