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Big Brother 18: Are We Seeing The Truth? Finally
Live Feed Report from Big Sister
September 21, 2016

Is she telling the truth?
Welcome to the last Big Brother Live Feeds Report brought to you by Big Sister.

As most of you know this is not only my last report of the season but my last report ever.

I have spoken in the past about why I am leaving: my health, my age, the intense stress of doing this every day without break or rest.

I have done this for 13 seasons and written over 1,200 daily reports. When I was younger I could handle the lack of sleep and the stress a lot better.

I have to add to that additional health issues that dictate I put an end to this.

I have to get my blood pressure and my glucose levels under control. This requires a change in life style.

My last ride is years away because I am going to make it that way.

I have received a lot of emails wishing I would continue. Maybe I could do some special reports when needed. Maybe I could post regular comments on another site.

I won't be doing that. I wish to be clear. My writing days are over. The writing is a big part of the stress.

I won't be watching the feeds next year. I can't get drawn in again. I get obsessed. It is not healthy for me. I don't think I will even watch the episodes.

I am sorry I have run on about this, but you deserved to know.

I pick the music today. I gave it a lot of thought but there were so many of you with a common suggestion that made sense.

Here is Frank Sinatra's “I Did I My Way.” Maybe a little melodramatic and egocentric, but it works...

Now lets do what I'm here for...

I left them in bed at 10:50pm. All tucked in and asleep. And there they stayed until just before 9am BBT.

Paul is out in the backyard once again practicing his speech.

Do any of you think these speeches really effect the votes of the jury. Do the jurors really change their votes after hearing the speeches.

I think their minds were made up long ago.

When he is done he.....

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