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Big Brother: Mrs. Robinson Controls The Game
Episode 2 Recap by Jenny Lane
July 9, 2007
Dick is telling Kail about some party that he was at. He was hanging out with a bunch of models, and Timothy Dalton (actor) walked in. At the same time, Daniele tells Amber that she hates how her dad is such a name dropper. Outside, Dick tells Joe that he dated Jeri from Survivor. Later, he says that he invited Johnny Depp to a party and hung out with Guns and Roses. He tells Kail that he had dinner with Cher, which Kail believes and is impressed by.

Dustin, Amber and Carol are sitting in the hammock talking. Amber says that when she touches her cross necklace, it is showing her love for her mom. She's doing this for her family and to give things to her mom. Dustin really likes Amber, and says she has an "amazing spirit." Amber is in the diary room doing the ugly cry. She says/sniffles/snorts that she wants to give her mom "like, a lot of money, like $25,000."

In the HOH room, Mike tells Kail that he only wants to have a "real alliance" with one person, and he wants it to be her. She says that she wants to add Zach and Nick to make an alliance of four, and he agrees. They turn on the spy tv and see Daniele talking to Dick. They decide that the two must not be enemies, and not to trust Daniele anymore. Zach comes in, and they talk to him about the alliance. Zach tells us that he thinks that Kail is a good person to line up with, because she has "experience with age." Kail goes to find Nick to invite him into the group, and he agrees right away. He calls it "Mrs. Robinson and her three boys."

Kail gathers everyone for the first food competition. Everyone divides into two teams - a blue team and a red team. They divide it by how they're sitting on the couches, one side for each team. Then everyone heads outside for the competition.

Blue team - Jess, Jameka, Daniele, Eric, Joe, Nick and Zach
Red team - Dick, Mike, Dustin, Amber, Jess and Jen

The back yard has two long red carpets leading up to some sort of huge pump type thing. At the starting side of the carpet is a huge vat of what looks like popcorn. It must be, because Daniele says (or more accurately whines) "I don't want butter on me!" Jessica tells us that "we all yelled go blue!.....because we're on the blue team…" Then she says that the teams are "big hair vs. big bodies" but for some reason she's on the big bodies side.

Daniele's not going to get her wish - the pump is actually a "butter pumper" with a big yellow wading pool underneath. Each team is going to have to transfer as much butter as possible from the pumper to their giant tub of popcorn. The team that transfers the most butter will win food for the week, and the losing team will be on slop.

The teams discuss who will scrape butter off of who. Joe tells us that he's not sure if he'll be able to concentrate if he has to scrape butter off of Nick. Jen tells Dick that she doesn't want him to touch her (nice) and he says "well then, you shouldn't do this, you should stay up by the pump." Then she tells the other girls not to let Dick touch them either. Jen tells us that it was because she "doesn't want some old man touching her." Someone should tell her that Dick is about the same age as Brad Pitt, and probably younger than George Clooney!

Dick decides to play it safe and takes his spot up at the pumper, and so does Eric on the other team. They start pumping the butter glop as the houseguests start running back and forth, collecting and wiping butter. The butter is pretty gross, and it's slimy and chunky. They all look disgusting, but Mike says it's sexy and "looks like Baywatch." The pumpers trade with another houseguest after a while to take a break. Joe and Eric team up to scrape butter sludge off of each other. Trust me, I'm not making this sound nearly as gross as it really is. Amber's huge hair is a big advantage for the red team. It looks like she can collect more butter in that hair than the entire blue team.

The blue team collected 37 pounds of butter, and the red team collected 77 pounds! I guess the big hair was a lot better than the big muscle guys. That means that the blue team is on slop for the week.

The houseguests go back inside and are introduced to the slop, which looks horrible. It doesn't look like oatmeal, it looks more like thick cream of wheat. Jameka sits right down to eat a bowl, and decides it's disgusting.

That night, Dustin and Joe.....

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