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Gayl Killough

Here is what The WB is saying about season 2:
The producing team of Ashton Kutcher and Jason Goldberg recruited a new group of eight women who are academically impaired and eight men who are brilliant but socially challenged. The second installment will remain true to the series' first season format, pairing up couples for a chance to win a $250,000 grand prize.

This time, however, each mismatched pair competes in brand new activities designed to test intellect, fashion savvy and social skills. The guys are assigned to makeover a room, while the girls do their best to assemble a computer. There's a karaoke session for the men, and a political debate for the ladies. The girls also do a makeover on the guys, then let them test out their new looks during a session of speed-dating. Finally, the whole group travels to Las Vegas for a highly unusual game of strip-poker.

During these competitions, the geek tries to pass his brains on to the beauty, while the beauty tries to turn the geek into a hottie.

Richard and Lauren from Season 1 of Beauty & The Geek embarked on a nationwide search for the geekiest guys and ditziest girls for the second season of the hit "social experiment."

Check out some of the people they encountered along the way, and stay tuned for the season premiere of Beauty & The Geek, Thursday, January 12th, 9/8c!

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