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Beauty And The Geek 4: With Nothing To Gain - They're Gone
By Travis H.
October 3, 2007
Previously on Beauty and the Geek, the beauties learned about politics and current events, and the geeks learned about rap. The guys' challenge was first, and they had to perform a rap that they had written about themselves. John and Will did the best, and Tony was by far the worst. The judges chose Will as the winner, so he and Rebecca were safe from elimination. They also got to choose the first team to send to the elimination round.

The beauties' challenge was to debate each other on various political issues. Most of them were predictably terrible, but Katie and Sam both did pretty well. Jen was by far the worst, because she didn't even say one word! The judges chose Sam as the winner and that meant that he and Nicole were safe from elimination and got to choose the second team to send to the elimination round.

Rebecca and Will chose to send Amanda and Tony to the elimination round, and Nicole and Sam sent Natalie and John. The four did some last minute studying, and then nervously headed to the elimination room. Natalie answered one question correctly, and Amanda didn't answer either of her questions correctly. Tony got his first question wrong, so there was no way that they could catch up to Natalie and John. Amanda and Tony were the first couple eliminated and sent home.

This week both the beauties and the geeks participated in a game of Truth or Dare, started by Sam. John was given a "booty dance" from Rebecca, Sam was originally supposed to give geeky Nicole a "stripper dance" but she wouldn't have it so he performed for the other beauties instead. Rebecca and Sam seemed to have hit it off so someone dared them to make out, so they switched rooms and did indeed start a little romance.

The geeks' challenge this week was to put together the ultimate romantic gift basket. All of the geeks struggled finding the perfect gifts to place in the basket, but in the end after the beauties judged the baskets, Will was declared the winner of the challenge. This makes the second challenge in a row he has won.

The beauties' challenge was to learn the different organs of the human anatomy and to locate them on the body. This proved too difficult as many of the beauties were eliminated early on for failing to correctly locate the left ear lobe and where the appendix is located. In the end, Rebecca won the challenge which means that both she and her teammate will, get to nominate who goes on to the elimination challenge. They decided to nominate Hollie and Josh as well as Erin and Jesse for elimination.

The beauties answered all four of their questions correctly, so it was down to the geeks. Jesse answered both of his questions correctly; however Josh (sadly) missed his final question of "Which wedding anniversary would it be appropriate to give someone a leather whip?" He answered fourth, but the correct answer was the ninth. Hollie and Josh were the second team this year to be eliminated.
Rebecca and Will
Current Ranking: 1 - Previous Ranking: 2

Out of four challenges thus far, Will has won both of his challenges and Rebecca has won one, so at this point they are the team to beat. If their winning streak continues, and it possibly could, they could go far. If they do lose both challenges in a week however, they will almost certainly be sent to the elimination round. Others feel Will is getting cocky, and Rebecca has started a romance with Sam, which nobody seems to like either.
Erin and Jessie
Current Ranking: 2 - Previous Ranking: 5

Neither Jesse nor Erin won a challenge this week. In fact, Erin was eliminated during her challenge after the second question. However they are both extremely upset with Will and his reasons for sending them to the elimination round. That determination could work to their advantage and they could easily win one of next weeks challenges and get their revenge.
Katie and Luke
Current Ranking: 3 - Previous Ranking: 1

Katie's not the smartest beauty of the bunch. She didn't even know which side of the body the appendix is on even though she just recently had hers removed. That being said, Katie and Luke seem to work well together so I'm keeping them near the top.
Shay and Joshua
Current Ranking: 4 - Previous Ranking: 3

Shay can't tell her left from her right. Joshua can't win a challenge. They don't seem to really like each other much, however this could work to their advantage as right now they don't seem much of a threat to the other teams.
Natalie and John
Current Ranking: 5 - Previous Ranking: 4

It's difficult to place the other teams this week. John didn't win his challenge but Natalie made it through three of the four questions in her questions. She only lost out on that question because she thought the appendix was located lower in the body that it actually is. At least she placed it on the correct side. Therefore, based on Natalie doing fairly well in her challenge, I'm keeping them in about the same spot as last week.
Jen and William
Current Ranking: 6 - Previous Ranking: 9

These two don't get along at all and I actually feel sorry for William that he got paired up with Jen. Jen did however answer all of the questions correctly in her challenge except for the last one, therefore I'm moving them up a few spots based on her strong performance. Hopefully Jen and William can soon learn to actually get along.
Jasmine and David
Current Ranking: 7 - Previous Ranking: 6

David really does not like Jasmine. He didn't want her as a teammate and he's made that clear. He'd much rather have Nicole on his team. Neither have done anything this week to really move them up or down much, therefore I'm leaving them at nearly the same spot as last week.
Nicole and Sam
Current Ranking: 8 - Previous Ranking: 8

Nicole doesn't seem to be fitting in with anybody. Neither the beauties nor the geeks seem to like her much, except maybe David. He's made it clear, to us anyway, that he finds her attractive. Sam also doesn't fit in with either group. The geeks find him a threat and the beauties may find him pretty to look at, but they hate that he's started a romance with Rebecca. It seems as if nearly everyone wants him gone. Unless Nicole, Sam or Rebecca wins a challenge, it's almost guaranteed that Nicole and Sam will be sent to the elimination round.
Hollie and Josh
Eliminated: Week 2

Hollie and Josh were nominated this week because she was already geeky and intelligent and he was already good looking and sweet. Will and Rebecca felt that, therefore, they had nothing more to gain from this experience. In the end, it came down to Josh's final answer in the elimination challenge which sealed their fate. I'm actually sad to see both of them go. They didn't seem to get along particularly well, however I think deep down they really did like one another.
Amanda and Tony
Eliminated: Week 1

Amanda had requested Tony for a partner, but she just couldn't pull him out of his shell. I disliked her at first, mainly because I was just too distracted by her enormous fake boobs and her life's desire to be a Playboy centerfold. Right as she was leaving, I actually warmed up to her and decided that she wasn't as bad as I had thought. Too bad it was too little too late. I wish that Tony had been able to come out of his shell, that might have saved them.
Travis is 34 and lives in Kansas City. Sadly still single, he spends way too much time in front of the television watching Lost, The Office and Big Brother to name just a few. He desperately wants to work with Pam, Jim and Dwight someday. In his spare time he listens to music, attends way too many movies and chats online with Jenny Lane. Travis can be reached at:

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