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Pussycat Dolls Girlicious
Episode 8 – So it appears Robin wants the worst group ever…

April 9, 2008
Scoreboard by Matt C

Well, faithful Girlicious readers and watchers, Robin Antin has done it again. She has taken what could’ve been a very exciting girl group and reduced it to mush. Thanks.

Now that my biased rant is out of the way, let’s get talking about those ladies, hm?

This week was all about the (as Simon Cowell will call it) X-factor. This week was all about being able to be a part of a group and stand out at the same time. After the entire first half of the show was dedicated to Chrystina expressing her displeasure for Charlye, her Tiffanie and Charlye were placed in a singing group for the old-school sing-off at the end of the episode. The other group consisted of Carrie, Natalie, and Nichole.

For the first challenge of the episode, the immunity challenge if you will, the ladies filmed their first music video…on a boat. While ladies like Charlye, Nichole, and Natalie really looked effortless on camera, Chrystina got lost in the shuffle and Carrie stuck out like a sore thumb.

After the video was complete, Robin announced that the winner of the challenge was Charlye, who brought the whole project together. Charlye was granted a free pass to the next round, and Chrystina immediately went sour, as usual. She bawled to Natalie how she couldn’t work with Charlye because, essentially, she was too jealous of her, and how if Charlye was in the group, she would not be. Her and Natalie had some form of bonding tub session, which then bothered the other girls.

At the elimination challenge, all the ladies delivered, including Chrystina, who miraculously delivered a great performance for all her whining. In the end, Robin and the judges needed a reason to send somebody home, and it came down to two people; one that was overqualified, and one that was not putting in effort.

So who do they send home? The one who was overqualified: Carrie. Yup, that’s right. Good job Robin! (NOT!)

How does she keep Chrystina around? The girl is a HORRIBLE person!? Wait, I’m not allowed to judge, so let me just say that Carrie is a phenomenal talent who will rise above this show and I wish her the absolute best in her career.

Current Ranking: 1 - Previous Ranking:3

Charlye has not had a bad week yet! On top of it, she won the most coveted challenge to date (when you’re in a Pussycat esque group, video is the most crucial thing) and has made this competition look effortless. There is nobody left in the competition more suited for this competition than her, and nobody deserves it more.
Current Ranking:2 - Previous Ranking:4

For the first time in the competition, Nichole places in the top three of my scoreboard. Out of nowhere this week, I noticed this girl and I am really beginning to notice how incredible she is as a signer and performer! In addition, her lack of displeasure with any of the other ladies makes her a moldable choice who wont spark friction. At this point in the competition, Nichole could just come out of nowhere and sweep up the whole damn thing. Since the beginning she’s needed to show how phenomenal she is, and she’s finally done it. Great job! :D

Current Ranking: 3 - Previous Ranking:1

Tiffanie was practically transparent this episode, and that might be a good thing. She’s been a super threat since around mid-way in the competition, and her winning the vocal challenge last week is still a huge deal that the judges must remember. In addition, if Charlye makes the group, which seems like the way things are going down, since Chrystina and Natalie both refuse to work with her (and I don’t know why exactly…) Tiffanie is a great choice for the third spot.
Current Ranking:4 - Previous Ranking:6

Okay, so I didn’t like her at the beginning. I still don’t like her, she’s fake as hell. However, I will give her one thing; girl knows how to perform. It’s taken time, but I can see why she’s hanging around finally. Nonetheless, people like her simply do not deserve a spot in Girlicious because of her nastiness.
Current Ranking:5 - Previous Ranking:5

I don’t get it! I just don’t! I don’t understand how Robin and the other judges cannot see what a waste of an entity this girl is! She’s been nothing but drama this whole time, she’s a sour little girl who doesn’t get why she’s not the best: quite simply, because the other four ladies are better. Chrystina is such a usesless contestant that if she is a member of Girlicious, I will be turned away from the concept. Go home, you whiny little …. I cant say what I wanna say.

7th Eliminated

With the unfortunate elimination of Carrie, who will probably end up doing better than the group anyways, I would love to see a trio of Charlye, Nichole, and Tiffanie. Will that happen? If all goes well, Chrystina goes home next week. With that, until the next time!
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