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Survivor: There's A New Dragon Slayer In Town
Yell At Your TV Recap and Commentary by RTVC Senior Staff Writer Kathleen
December 22, 2011

Slew two.
Well, here we are at the end of Survivor South Pacific.

Frankly, Iím not sure I can immediately recall a season where the end result was in this much doubt.

Almost anyone can win this thing.

The front runner could get blindsided.

The strong could suffer the fate of the hated.

The prize could go to someone who has done almost nothing in the game except stay out of trouble.

Donít roll your eyes. It has happened.

The one thing I think you can count on is that Albert is the least likely to win.

Heís failed at big moves because he doesnít follow through. That makes him a bad leader, a bad follower, and not trusted by a soul.

Even if he manages to get to the finals, heíll get no votes.

So quick Ö go walk the dog, shut off the phone and grab a beverage. It should be an interesting night.

The precaps go all the way back to episode one where Coach and Ozzy get off the chopper.

We get to see Little John Weasel have a fan drool over his heroes.

Then we see the first night formation of the Fab Five and see Coach find the hidden immunity idol.

We see Ozzy send himself to Redemption Island and return and we see Little John Weasel send Ozzy back.

Then we see Ozzyís run as King of Redemption Island. And listen to his endless self-promotion.

Then we see Coach pledge on his word as a Christian Man to take Ozzy to the end. Remember that one.

Finally we see the Fab Five feeding frenzy where Coach turned on Runt Puppy Brandon. Then a lovely collage of overlapping sound-bytes.

Well edited. Meaningless. If youíve been watching, you know it. If you havenít been watching, it makes no sense.

Oh well. Weíre used to it.

Itís the dark of night on Redemption Island when Brandon Puppy shows up in Oz-ville.

He says he was blindsided and betrayed by his closest friend.

I think, for starters.....

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