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Survivor One World Rankings: Five Women Left! Here's The Rankings
Rankings and Commentary by Logan Huffman
May 10, 2012

It's hers to lose.
This week on 'Survivor One World', Tarzan was shocked that he wasn't voted out, but realized that he may have a shot to sneak into the final three.

Chelsea promised Christina to take her on the next Reward, but when Christina spilled the beans of her conversation with Chelsea to the rest of the camp, and Kim went back to Chelsea with the information, Chelsea was pissed.

At the Reward Challenge, Chelsea emerged victorious, but she went back on her word to Christina, taking her allies Sabrina and Kim with her on the reward.

Back at camp, Christina, Tarzan, and Alicia made a new final three pact and agreed to take out Chelsea next, even if it meant forcing a tie.

When the girls returned from their reward, Kim and Alicia compared notes, and Kim managed to convince Alicia that Tarzan was gunning for her, taking some heat off of Kim and shifting the target back onto Tarzan.

At the Immunity Challenge, it was neck and neck between Kim and Alicia, but Alicia managed to win her first challenge.

Back at camp, Alicia was unsure which alliance to go with, and worried that she was making the wrong decision.

At Tribal Council, Alicia stuck with the women, and Tarzan was voted out of the game unanimously, leaving only the five women remaining.

Which one of these women will claim the title of Sole Survivor and the $1 million dollar prize?

Got thoughts? Post them at the end.

Here are the rankings.....

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