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Survivor One World Rankings: Five Women Left! Here's The Rankings
Rankings and Commentary by Logan Huffman
May 10, 2012
Current Ranking: 1         Previous Ranking: 1
Kim remains in the top spot on this finale scoreboard. She has been the strongest player this season as far as strategic moves go, and she has been a force in the challenges as well. I think she should fare well in front of the jury, because even if they may be mad at her, I can't imagine them awarding Christina or Alicia the money, and I think it is highly unlikely, but not impossible, for Chelsea to beat her.

However, Sabrina could be the dark horse and take it, so she would be smart to boot her before the final three. Nevertheless, I think she will go to the final three with Sabrina and Chelsea, and while that will be her hardest path to the victory, I still think she will emerge victorious.

Current Ranking: 2         Previous Ranking: 6
Sabrina moves into second place this week. Sabrina has played tough this season, and while she hasn't been forthright with her strategy plays, I think she has ended up with the least amount of blood on her hands, and with very few enemies. Kim has played so well that I think she will be tough to beat, but I think Sabrina is the most likely person to beat her.

Current Ranking: 3         Previous Ranking: 2
Chelsea ranks in third place this week. I think she has mainly ridden Kim's coattails up to this point, and I don't see the jury rewarding her the win for that. She may end up looking better than Kim as far as how many peoples' exits Kim has orchestrated, but Chelsea isn't exactly well liked by the jury, and I think the chances of her winning are pretty slim.

Current Ranking: 4         Previous Ranking: 3
Alicia ranks in fourth place this week. I think she made a mistake not siding with Tarzan and Christina. A mistake that will probably cost her a million dollars. I don't think Kim will take her to the final three, and I think she will quickly be regretting her decision. If she somehow makes it to the final three, her chances of winning are almost none, as she isn't very popular with the jury.

Current Ranking: 5         Previous Ranking: 5
Christina ranks in last place this week. She has had an amazing run, being that she was an immediate target when the game started but still managed to stick around and make it to the final five. She will probably be the next person voted off, but if she somehow makes the final three, I can't see her receiving any votes, as most people don't think she deserves to be there.

11th Boot - 7th Jury Member
It's amazing that Tarzan managed to be the last guy standing and to stick around this long, but his luck finally ran out. He tried to make a new alliance, but none of the women wanted to give it a chance, and he couldn't pull off an upset. Tarzan became the thirteenth player to exit 'Survivor One World', but he will return as the seventh member of the jury.

10th Boot - 6th Jury Member
Kat's naivete finally caught up to her. Everyone became irritated with her immaturity and selfishness, and while it would have probably been strategically better to boot Sabrina, people play emotionally even this late in the game, and people that are viewed as undeserving are always in danger. Kat should have voted with Troyzan last week and turned the tables and taken control of the game. Kat became the twelfth player to exit 'Survivor One World' in a 6-1 vote, but she will return as the sixth member of the jury.

9th Boot - 5th Jury Member
Troyzan put up a fight, but his odds were just too much for him to overcome. He did have some very valid points about getting rid of Kim and busting up that alliance, but the way he acted towards the others didn't make them want to ally with him. In the end, Troyzan just couldn't penetrate the girls' alliance, and he became the eleventh player to be booted from 'Survivor One World' in a 4-3-1 vote, but he will return as the fifth member of the jury.

8th Boot - 4th Jury Member
Once Troyzan won Immunity, Leif's fate was pretty much sealed. He never really made any strong strategic moves, and kind of floated through the game. It worked for a while, but it caught up to him, as Leif was the tenth castaway to exit 'Survivor One World' in a 4-3-2 vote, but he will return as the fourth member of the jury.

7th Boot - 3rd Jury Member
Jay was suspicious of the women banding together, and rightfully so, as his fears were realized. He was too quick to go along with everyone and not challenge votes earlier on, and he ended up backed into a corner. Jay became the ninth castaway to exit 'Survivor One World' in a 5-2-1 vote.

6th Boot - 2nd Jury Member
Michael got off to a rough start in the game, ending up in the minority, but got a little bit of a break when the Tribal switch occurred. However, with the merge, he was a physical threat, and with the female alliance, it resulted in disaster for Michael, as he became the eighth castaway to be booted from 'Survivor One World' in a 7-2-2 vote.

5th Boot - 1st Jury Member
Jonas is a really nice and fairly easy to get along with guy, and that was a big problem for him. Once you merge, people see those qualities as a jury threat, and that ended up costing him, as he became the seventh player to exit 'Survivor One World' in a 10-2 vote.

Medical Evacuation - Out of the game.
Despite all of the controversy that has surrounded Colton, no one could have predicted this outcome.

I do hate to see Colton, or anyone, go out like this, because I can imagine it must be crushing to actually make it onto a show and then have to be medically removed. I would have much rather seen him been blindsided with the Idol in tow.

I have a feeling we will probably end up seeing Colton in the future with as much drama as he caused in such a short time.

Colton became the sixth player to exit 'Survivor One World' after he had to be removed from the game to have an emergency appendectomy.

4th Boot
I'm not shocked that Monica got booted, but I think her tribe made a big mistake. The tribal switch should have greatly helped Monica, but it just caused Colton to see her as a threat, and he felt like he needed to remove that threat. Her tribe really needed her, though, as I would say she was the strongest member of the tribe and she would have been an asset in challenges (other than ones with water buckets). I think they will likely pay the price for this decision. Monica became the fifth player to exit 'Survivor One World' in a 5-2 vote.

3rd Boot
I feel really bad for Bill. His mistake was ending up on the wrong side of Colton and his alliance, and while he tried to smooth things over, Colton refused to make any sort of effort. Bill handled the situation with Colton with an amazing amount of class and grace, far more than most other people would have exercised. Ultimately, despite his exit, Bill came off looking a hell of a lot better than Colton. I hope he becomes a very successful stand-up comedian. Bill was the fourth person to exit the game.

2nd Boot
Despite his strength, I'm not surprised to see Matt go. He came off as very cocky and rubbed a lot of the others the wrong way. Plus, recent 'Survivor' history shows that people usually align and side with the player who has the Idol instead of trying to flush it out, and that happened once again this time. All of this resulted in Matt becoming the third person to exit 'Survivor One World' in a unanimous vote.

1st Boot
Nina ran into the same problem as many older players before her...the younger players just teamed up against her. Her tribe was losing a lot, and she just wasn't able to overcome the younger alliance, causing her to be the second player to exit 'Survivor One World'.

Medical Evacuation - Out of the game.
I feel really bad for Kourtney. It's a terrible way to leave the game, knowing that you actually got chosen for Survivor, came all of the way to the island, and broke your wrist after three days and were eliminated from the game. Being voted off would have been a far better way to exit. Kourtney became the first player to exit 'Survivor One World' after breaking her wrist in the challenge.

Logan is a North Carolina native whose hobbies include a passion for reality shows, hiking, and Mocha Frappucinos. He can be contacted at Logan@RealityTVCalendar.com.
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