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Survivor - Millennials vs. Gen X
What Exactly Are We Talking About?

Strategic and Tactical Analysis by Dr. EJ
September 19, 2016

"Come On In"
Initially, I was bored with the categories for this year. Been there, done that, it’s meaningless anyway. Who really cares what generation the castaways come from?

There will be mix-ups, merges, etc. But that wasn’t open-minded on my part. I was also reminded of Alicia from last season – a woman lacking in physical strength on the Brawn tribe, and remembered that she was there for a different type of strength – a strength of character.

So I thought a different approach was necessary, and decided it was important to explore what makes someone Generation X vs. Millenial anyway?

Of course, one of the initial things I noticed in researching the terms is that there is overlap, but that is too easy to pick apart. There is always overlap.

I read that Generation X had to deal with new and frightening ideas – latchkey children, AIDS, etc. – so there were times of panic, but also times of adjustment.

Millenials had more at their disposal, but perhaps didn’t develop as much independence or social awareness as a result – they are always in front of a computer or phone screen, for instance.

So, strategically, for instance, is someone on the Generation X tribe because he or she tends to panic, or because he or she has learned to adapt to changes?

Is someone a Millenial because he or she is knowledgeable, or because he or she is socially unaware? Clearly, these questions have tactical considerations. What risk is there to have an emotional “panicker” on your side versus having Stimpy’s Final’s Gold Baybee in your alliance?

Alternatively, an “adapter” can help your alliance, but also be a threat to have you eliminated at the right time. A person who can use knowledge to advance an alliance is valuable, but also a threat to knock you out of that alliance.

A socially unaware person might be a good number to have in your alliance, but could also sabotage the alliance with a remark insensitive to the circumstances.

Now that I think of it, the distinctions for this season’s tribes are laden with analytical considerations. I am excited about the season.

Read back here for initial strategic and tactical considerations after the premiere!

Welcome back fellow Survivor Fans, this should be a good one!

Doctor EJ is a licensed clinical psychologist by trade, but his passions include the great game of Survivor, and its social machinations. He is also passionate about travel, and claims to fame include visiting all 50 US States, and losing 145 pounds, both of which are discussed at his blog, The Better Half's Travels at He can be reached at

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