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Survivor 33: Math Is The Great Equalizer
Strategic and Tactical Analysis by Dr. EJ
September 23, 2016

Observant, could go far.
Sometimes, in looking for hidden meaning, I can miss the concrete and obvious, and when this happens, basic skills can go out the window.

The same can be said for Survivor castaways and their mathematics skills. No, four is not a majority on a tribe of ten. And no, when you split a vote of six 3-3, you don’t guarantee anything over a four-person alliance.

Of course, even more basic is what we saw, or failed to see, from our first outcast: Rachel: Where to begin? I know I don’t like being criticized, even when it is founded. I feel outraged when a pot calls this kettle black, even when it is justified.

Why? Because when I am not in session as a psychologist, I am a human being with my own emotions.

I’ve heard that emotions can run pretty rampant on Survivor – I personally would have no chance to keep them in check when hungry and tired and with $1,000,000 at stake.

But even if I could keep them from you, I might still experience them internally. I’ve never heard of criticism being a winning strategy on Survivor. It didn’t work for you either.

But there were other mistakes made on your tribe, as well as some solid maneuvers by the Generation Xs. Dave: See above with Rachel. You want to put people at ease, make them believe they can trust you, feel secure.

Initiating gossip, looking for idols is generally a poor idea, though there are necessary circumstances to do so on Survivor – subtly.

You were lucky someone was less subtle than you. Quietly contribute to the tribe in the next episode, doing tasks that need to be done – gathering wood, for instance.

There are other targets out there, as evidenced by the vote, in Ce Ce and Sunday. You don’t have to be one.

Ce Ce and Paul: I thought both of you were overly critical of the Millenials, and Paul shoved the foot even further in his mouth with his assumption that all members of his tribe would think as he does.

Yet Paul got no votes, possibly because of his work ethic, and his actions of fitting in speaking louder than his words – keep that up Paul, and learn to keep your mouth shut.

If you do speak, throwing a target towards Ce Ce, and how she must be abrasive considering she got votes without messing up in the challenge, is one idea.

I don’t know why Ce Ce got three votes, but I imagine her abrasive personality had something to do with it. A little schmoozing with the main alliance, finding out what they need, and giving it to them in the form of work, would be useful.

Bret, Sunday and Lucy: Despite the vote for Sunday, I didn’t see much of any of these three in the episode. This is good, because it gives them the flexibility to reintegrate into the majority.

With other targets who will self-destruct, keeping a low profile, and doing what needs to be done provides a good strategy with clear tactics.

Chris: When you miss the basic math that splitting a majority of six into three and three makes the minority of four the stronger alliance, I wonder what else you are missing.

A strategy of taking a back seat and listening to others – Ken seems very wise – would be good.

Right now, you are not a.....

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