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Survivor: Be Sure to Stay Active
Strategic and Tactical Analysis by Dr. EJ
October 6, 2016

When someone asks you to
shut up, you best shut up.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. It’s important to have your hand on the pulse of everyone in the game.

This is not an original thought. It applies throughout life, and we see it time and again in Survivor. The person you forget about is wreaking havoc. This was on display last night:

Paul: – The men saw the women talking. You said everything was fine. How did you come to that conclusion?

Someone had to go monitor the situation. You didn’t and you went home, and good riddance. This has nothing to do with you as a person – who am I to judge? But such complacency would not win Survivor, and as a viewer, I am happy it ended sooner rather than later.

As for your former tribemates:

Sunday and Jessica: Jumping ship is always a two-edged sword. The game is very young, and you had no immediate danger staying in the alliance with Paul.

But you did, and now you have to sell it to former allies.

Paul proved by his statements he was not a loyal ally, and would have sold out Chris and Bret – they can know that, and the decision can appear in their best interest.

Plus, by making nice with Ce Ce, Dave, and Ken, you have a majority to vote those men out. Fences can be built or mended, and you can have flexibility of choice – always a nice thing in Survivor.

Lucy:You are in a category of your own because of crucial interactions from last night, as well as from previews of what is to come.

Telling teammates to be quiet is risky business. It suggests you might, in fact, be the dictator shown in the previews.

In a sense, the “be nice” advice is similar to that given to Sunday and Jessica, but the tactics are different. They don’t have to repair damage. You might, beginning with apologies for your own abrasive actions.

Ce Ce: It’s still a tribal game. As was pointed out, your personal battle in the immunity challenge cost your tribe the war. You survived the vote, but to survive further, a more team-oriented strategy, as difficult as it may be, is necessary.

Learn from your ally Ken about his humility, his humbleness – an apology for your behavior and a thanks for saving you can go a long way.

Dave: I think you are playing well. You played the meeting with the Millenials very well, getting information and forming bonds, and you saved your idol last night.

You, too, have options. You can point out to Brent and Chris how much easier you can work together now that the bully is gone, or you can thank those who helped vote the bully out, and work with them – but schmoozing everyone, including those who let you down before, is necessary.

Ken:You were honest, and you were practical.

You didn’t lie about how you felt as an outsider in the tribe, but you also tried hard to help the tribe win.

Anyone would be lucky to have you in the alliance.

Sunday and Jessica are easier to stomach, but Jessica is a huge threat. Brent and Chris are difficult to get along with, but lesser strategic threats. But your strategy of “it’s just business” will serve you well with all – nothing is personal, so no bridges are burned.

Brent and Chris: You listened to your leader, and now you are on the bottom of the totem pole in your tribe.

The best thing for you to do would be to speak with Ce Ce, Dave, and Ken about how unpredictable Sunday and Jessica are – after all they jumped ship, right?

This can be a genuine alliance, or it can be a ruse to lull them into a false sense of security, but either way, it involves getting to know people you shunned.

And you will still have to work with Sunday and Jessica with the same ideas – either a true alliance or the illusion of one. Again, everyone counts.

Now, for the millennials:

Micaela: I think your.....

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