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Survivor: Be Sure to Stay Active
Strategic and Tactical Analysis by Dr. EJ
October 6, 2016

Micaela: I think your silence last night was good. There was too much drama before. The tribe worked well together last night, and you were a big part of that team strategy, doing your part in the challenge. Keep it up.

Taylor, Jessica, Jay, and Will: Nice job getting information from the Generation Xers! I especially liked how Taylor and Jessica kept their business quiet, and Taylor made bonds with Dave.

Plus his fine performance in the challenge! Again, the good strategy of teamwork on the surface, with individual needs being handled appropriately in secret. Bringing Michelle and Micaela into the loop could be beneficial at this point as follow up tactics.

Zeke and Adam: You guys are in a hole, but you handled it well last night. You made sure to maintain the bridge with Hannah, and she is receptive to continuing to work with you.

Or you can sell her out to her allies. But revisit the situation as you said you would, and continue to demonstrate the good, businesslike teamwork you showed last night (e. g. Zeke’s challenge performance), and your options will be maximized.

Hannah: When someone says to leave them alone – leave them alone!

Zeke and Adam were clear that they weren’t writing you off, but you kept bugging them. The only good thing is that you are willing to work with them, but are you simply trying to please everyone?

Your guilt issues have to be checked at the door – this is Survivor. You are open to working with everyone – as you have been, keep it up – and you apologize for nothing – it is the nature of the game!

Don’t mention the past again to either side, and see which one furthers your game the most!

Michelle: I essentially covered the importance of knowing all your tribemates in my last article. The only thing I would advise is awareness that you are a target because of the havoc you caused as the main cog in changing the vote.

This can work for or against you, and you are best using it to ask for help – remind Adam and Zeke, whether you mean it or not, that you are now a target, and maybe as fellow targets, with, for instance, Hannah and Micaela for a majority, you can work together.

Or point out your value to Will, Taylor, Jay, and Jessica, noting that they will go far if you are their fifth, because you will ultimately be voted off as a danger.

Hannah and Micaela can remain around as useful allies for an eventual coup, perhaps after a merge.

In the United States, with a Presidential Election coming up, every vote counts – if you forget one population, offend them uncaringly, the election could be lost.

And so it goes with Survivor, but more so – with fewer votes, each one counts all the more. Who can garner them the best going forward?

We’ll know more about that next week, and I’ll have updated strategic and tactical considerations based on the outcomes.

Doctor EJ is a licensed clinical psychologist by trade, but his passions include the great game of Survivor, and its social machinations. He is also passionate about travel, and claims to fame include visiting all 50 US States, and losing 145 pounds, both of which are discussed at his blog, The Better Half's Travels at He can be reached at

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