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Survivor: Presentation Matters
Strategic and Tactical Analysis by Dr. EJ
October 13, 2016

No longer necessary.
Stimpy always talks about convincing others that the move you want to make it in their best interest.

This requires thought and humility in presentation, if not in actuality. Unfortunately, there was a massive failure last night by:

Lucy: The way I heard you speaking, Dave, Ce Ce and Ken needed to be bowing down to you because you so magnanimously were letting them survive one more day in the game to get rid of someone you saw as a threat.

Well, they could, and did, do just as well, if not better on their own. You were no longer necessary, and went home. It could have been avoided with a little tact.

And for the maining Gex Xs:

Sunday and Ce Ce: Passivity can be a good strategy, and it served you well last night. Neither of you was in the direct line of fire, so it was simply a matter of letting others destroy one another.

Now it’s a matter of long-range plans. A swap seems likely next week. I think, since alliances will be shaken, it will be a matter of sitting tight and seeing how things shape out.

Ce Ce, you have some allies with the Millenials, while Sunday has support from her fellow Gen Xs. Use those connections to build numbers. It’s hard to say more at this point.

Brent and Chris: I am seeing little in the way of assertiveness from you, and your passivity, in contrast, did not serve you well, nor should it have.

You saw an ally get voted off in Paul, then let someone else dictate how your game would go, doing little to ensure it. This can change – people like Jessica can be “sold out,” while those who were former adversaries, like Ce Ce, Dave and Ken, can become numbers by getting involved.

But that is the key – getting involved, and not just letting the game pass you by.

Jessica: You did one possible right thing last night with information presented to you, being appropriately skeptical.

You could have been very unlucky, but there is a reason you were spared. Obviously, Dave, Ce Ce and Ken see a value to keeping you around.

You did right showing gratitude, and can play that up now. It can also be used as a bargaining chip – your value is not limited to those three, and can be a demonstration of your worth to new tribe members in a swap.

Dave: Yours should be an “it’s all business” strategy.

You voted off Lucy because she was the biggest threat, and it’s a clean slate now with everyone, included nemeses Christ and Brent – or anyone else on your trip in a swap!

Ken: You saw through the “help” offered by Lucy, to realize you were still undervalued.

As with Dave, that has to be packaged as individual to Lucy – it doesn’t apply to anyone else who is not a threat, or who is working with you to advance your game – you are very practical and can make this happen.

I am now going to address the Millenials as a tribe. It is clear to me why you are so successful in this game – you are a tribe, despite your individual differences.

It was evident in how you were cheering for one another in the reward challenge last night, and how you came from behind to win the immunity challenge.

You will have numbers in a swap, and need to stick together. Taylor and Jessica need to forget about their small bond, and remember that of their tribe.

Individual differences can be hashed out when the time comes, but now is the time for unity and diplomacy, and your tribe has shown it against the supposedly more mature Gen Xs.

Survivor is a social game – it’s been said by so many people, so many times before. Lucy’s bluntness is a recipe for disaster in such a game, and it didn’t have to be so.

She came so close to outplaying Jessica and making a big move, and instead, her game is over.

But this can, and has changed, for many a castaway before – those who have started the game poorly from a social standpoint have learned to be valuable allies, making big comebacks.

Can the likes of Sunday, Brent, Chris, etc. do so in this game?

Or will someone who has started strong socially, like Ken, keep it up?

It’s a long game, which may be about to change with an apparent swap, but we’ll get one more piece of the puzzle next Wednesday, and then I’ll have updated strategic and tactical considerations for you to read about.

Doctor EJ is a licensed clinical psychologist by trade, but his passions include the great game of Survivor, and its social machinations. He is also passionate about travel, and claims to fame include visiting all 50 US States, and losing 145 pounds, both of which are discussed at his blog, The Better Half's Travels at He can be reached at

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