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Survivor: Does It Have To Be Said?
Strategic and Tactical Analysis by Dr. EJ
October 27, 2016

Someone else who needs to keep their mouth shut.
If something is obvious, does it have to be said? Only if we want to make the implicit explicit.

Many times, especially on Survivor, where we are trying to deceive – and so want many things to not be so explicit – it is often a bad, bad idea to say something, even if it is obvious.

Of course, just the fact that we are having any thoughts of saying it might mean that we have been saying it non-verbally. This was no more obvious than in the case of:

Figgy: You were lost last night, and I am personally glad to see you gone. You let Taylor’s judgment overcome your better judgment, doing what you did to please him.

There are times I would applaud that, but you were the more rational one, and you needed to put a break on the “mance,” as Adam put it, whatever it was, and stop holding hands or whatever to you did to tip yourself off.

And you certainly made a mistake have to broadcast it, telling Ken and Jessica, even though they may already have known.

You said what didn’t need to be said, and the fact that you were a cocky threat meant you had to go.

Taylor: You made your bed by insisting that you could do whatever you wanted, and tell the world about your relationship with Figgy, and your “power couple.”

Now she is gone, and you have to play nice with others.

Remember, you are the next to go, unless you remind Adam that the millennials could lose the numbers if you go, or unless you convince Jessica and Ken that you are a valuable number for them in a merge.

Adam:You kept your options as open as they could be. To minimize damages, remind Taylor of what you said at tribal – that you see the remaining tribe members as “a four,” and he is very valuable in the merge going forward.

Remind Ken and Jessica how valuable you were last night, keeping them around, and would be in a merge where, currently, the Gen Xs lack the numbers.

Ken and Jessica: Right now, the two of you are a unit. You need numbers. Thank Adam, and continue to win him over. Remind Taylor that, though he is vulnerable to you, he is also valuable to you in a merge. Solidify “the four.”

Meanwhile, over at Vanua:

You may have to shift the target. Micaela gave you an opening to target Zeke – you can pledge allegiance to the Gen Xs, telling them you will jump ship, especially with your main ally, Figgy, gone, and that to reduce the numbers on the Millenials by getting rid of Zeke is in their best interest – it might be your best bet

Chris, Dave, and Zeke: Chris and Dave – Take the hint – Micaela and Figgy gave it away last night.

If you let the Millenials.....

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