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Survivor: Dig Two Graves
Strategic and Tactical Analysis by Dr. EJ
November 3, 2016

Blame it on yourself.
Fans of the original Karate Kid, with Pat Morita as Mr. Miyagi, might remember the line about digging two graves if you are thinking about revenge.

Revenge is equally illogical on Survivor – the goal is getting to the end and winning, not exacting revenge because someone in your alliance got voted off.

Last night, someone forgot that, and if the previews are to be believed, the theme comes up again next week. But we’ll start this article by discussing:

Micaela: You have only yourself to blame for being ousted. You basically told everyone that you wanted Figgy gone, and you engineered her ouster.

Then you showed yourself as a physical and social threat. You were a danger waiting to happen, no matter what you might promise. Sayonara.

But also on Ikabula:

Will and Jason: I think you played it right last night. Micaela was in it for herself, and she showed it. The problem is the bridges you burned in the process.

Hannah is out for revenge, and she has friends in the other tribes, who are supposed to merge. Explain your reasoning to her, as well as to other Millenials – you’ll find friends in Taylor, Adam and Zeke, which, along with Bret and Sunday, may be enough to pull you through. Dave and Chris are also possibilities.

That’s assuming you can’t convince the Millenials as a whole to pull together, which may be a challenge with Michelle. But repairing damage from the backstabbing is the number one strategy.

Hannah:You need to take control of your game, and that doesn’t necessarily mean revenge on Will and Jason, though you might engineer their demise if it suits you.

With a merge, you need numbers again, and they looked as if they might want to keep working with you. You may also now have numbers in Bret and Sunday, who need support.

But you were also popular with most of the Millenials, and they still have a majority. Think numbers, and the tactics will appear. Think revenge and start planning – for Ponderosa.

Bret and Sunday: You survived a bullet last night, and have Will and Jason to thank – and use. Any lies Bret may have told can be cleared up. You can play nice. Bury the hatchet with Dave, who has some new friends. Humility is the keyword.

Meanwhile, over on Takali:

Taylor: You, too, are making a mistake with prioritizing revenge. Adam outsmarted you, and he’ll be aware of how it could happen again.

Even if you see him as a threat, you have to first disarm him by befriending. Now, the merge is here, and you have a few friends in Michelle, Hannah, and perhaps Will and Jason. It is not enough.

You may need Adam. You made some inroads with Ken and Jessica, who need you. You can now empathize with Zeke about what it felt like to lose an ally, and perhaps pull in Dave and Chris. But all of this should be centered around getting numbers, not getting revenge.

Adam: Taylor should learn from you. You screwed him, and you said that you screwed him, and you apologized, and made it clear it wasn’t personal. That business-like strategy will take you far.

You know Ken and Jessica still need numbers, and Zeke has friends in Hannah, Chris, and Dave.

That’s a majority right there – but there are other numbers you can pull in, too, as long as you focus on the best interest of yourself and those you wish to pull in. Will and Jason, are practical people, and could be considerations, too.

Ken and Jessica: I remain impressed with your game. You may owe Adam thanks for saving you, but you do not owe reciprocity – if he needs to go, he needs to go.

Such clear thinking will serve......

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