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Survivor: Dig Two Graves
Strategic and Tactical Analysis by Dr. EJ
November 3, 2016

Such clear thinking will serve you well. With the merge, Dave will be back with you, and probably bring Zeke – if you keep his friend Adam.

You pull that off, and you can be selective in who else you need to make the majority seven in your alliance – you might not need difficult individuals like Bret or Chris, or you might.

Finally, at Vanua:

Michelle: You’re at the merge, but you have new troubles now. Micaela and Figgy are gone, and those you backstabbed remember. You still have Hannah and Taylor as allies.

Hannah has potential numbers, and you’ll have to convince her to think logically, not emotionally, to stick with Will, Jason, Bret and Sunday, and pull them over.

You also have potential friends in Chris and Dave if you can convince them that you are golden because you helped save them. Your strategy is persuasion, but it is as indirect – using Hannah to build bridges – as it is direct.

Chris, Dave, and Zeke: With the bridges you have built together, the possibilities are endless. Maintain those bridges! With them, you can pull in both Ken and Jessica, Bret, who is friends with Chris, as well as Sunday, and anyone they remain aligned with.

Adam is a friend of Zeke from earlier, and that bridge can be maintained as well.

Robert Ringer, in Looking Out for Number 1, said that to forgive isn’t divine, it’s rational. Revenge takes the energy from the main project – what bonds will get me rich!

Taylor and Hannah seem to be forgetting that, but they can change. Will they?

Adam seems to have a rational strategy – will it help save him? And what about previous backstabbing incidents?

The first tribal council after the merge sets the tone for answering these questions, and then I’ll have updated strategic and tactical considerations for your reading pleasure.

Doctor EJ is a licensed clinical psychologist by trade, but his passions include the great game of Survivor, and its social machinations. He is also passionate about travel, and claims to fame include visiting all 50 US States, and losing 145 pounds, both of which are discussed at his blog, The Better Half's Travels at He can be reached at

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