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Survivor: Don’t Rock the Boat
Strategic and Tactical Analysis by Dr. EJ
December 2, 2016

Should have known better.
I’ve said it before – sometimes the best moves are the ones you don’t make. Last night, there were a couple of “test” moves, which easily could have blown up someone’s game. We’ll get to that shortly. First off:

Zeke: If you’ve watched Survivor as much as I think you said you have, you should have known what to do with the supposed “swing vote.” Will is flipping between alliances? Propose to Ken that you vote him off, and everyone else lives to see another day. You didn’t do that (make that proposition) so you didn’t get to do that (live another day).

And now the elite eight:

Jay: You made a good social move last night, giving Adam the reward. You now have a bond in the majority alliance, which could come in handy. The previews show Will’s name out there, and he could be hung out to dry. Or you could remind Will of your bond. Or any other connection that can help you, I think you can build up some charm.

Will: Why, oh why, do you tell Ken he is on the hot seat? You only make him nervous, like what happened! Then bad things happen. And why this obsession with being noticed? I know you want to “build a resume,” but doing it quietly does get noticed. You don’t ask for respect, you earn it. Now watch the narcissism – you may think you are in power, but that mindset can get you voted off so you can’t cause trouble. A little humility should enter your strategy – do unto others what you wanted done unto you. Ask their opinions, and offer yours – as an alliance member, not a dictator.

Hannah: See my parting words to Zeke. You have spoken of who you will “hitch” yourself to – how about some assertiveness? Ken gets paranoid? Agree with the majority alliance and vote him off. Will flips and flops? Propose his name as a target. Be an assertive, not a passive, game player.

Adam: You are building up good will among those remaining in the game. You didn’t use your advantage, in fact, gave it to Jay. You used your idol on Hannah. You have the bonds. Be open to using them. You may want to eliminate wild card of the moment Will, or another member of the other alliance, such as Brett. Promising to work with Jay, for instance, could build his support, and prevent him from using his idol to blindside you. Or working with Brett, as the previews show, you could blindside Jay and get that idol out of play. People are liking you at this moment – strike while the iron is hot.

Dave: Flexibility is an option for you now that you are back in the majority. You can vote off Will as the wild card, or pick out any number of the stronger players. You showed good instincts with Will last night, and it helped save the day.

Ken: Humility – apologize for getting nervous and acting on it. Admit you messed up, and build up good will again, including with Will. Shore up your alliances now that you are back in the majority.

Bret and Sunday: I still haven’t seen anything to really separate the two of you, except maybe Bret discussing booting will with Adam in the previews. That works for both of you. It might be time to turn on one another if the alliances hold, but they haven’t yet. Jay in your own alliance can be painted as a threat due to his idol, but the target can also be put on Ken for his unpredictable behavior, Dave for his solid game play, etc. A solid block of two could make the two of you very valuable moving forward to those wanting to vote off “bigger threats.”

Knowledge is power – if it’s used right. A lot of information is out there – Will is flipping and flopping. Ken can be unpredictable. Jay has an idol and the reward advantage. This information can be used to vote one of them out of the game, or it can cause others to make poor decisions. How will it be used? Watch next week for more clues, then read on here for updated strategic and tactical considerations as we approach the endgame.

Doctor EJ is a licensed clinical psychologist by trade, but his passions include the great game of Survivor, and its social machinations. He is also passionate about travel, and claims to fame include visiting all 50 US States, and losing 145 pounds, both of which are discussed at his blog, The Better Half's Travels at He can be reached at

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