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Survivor 33: Paranoia And The Big Blow Hard
A Stimpy Snarkfest
September 21, 2016

Other than that, let me just add:

The American League East is an UGLY division! And by that I mean three teams slugging it out for the division win, with the Yankees not too far behind.

On the upside, everyone has apparently decided to start losing to Tampa Bay now. Wait, what?

The Oklahoma Sooners? Not gonna say I told you so, but I told ya so. Trust me folks, if the Sooners are any good, I’ll let you know. Because if I think they’re good? Then, they’re good.

Not too much to say about the NFL just yet, other than the fact that without his legs, and being a threat to run, Russell Wilson worries me a bit. Maybe Boykin should get the call?

Anyhoo, that about covers that.

Shall we get down to it in earnest?

Let’s away!
We’re in Fiji. The site of My Man Earl’s epic win years ago!

Twenty Americans (boo!) are here and they don’t know that they’re going to be divided up by what generation they belong to.

We got short blurbs to introduce us to a few of the players.

Taylor popped in to let us know that being a Millennial meant he got to do whatever he wanted, and he was never going to grow up.

For the record: I would SO love to be there when he finally does grow up after life has taken a monster-sized chunk out of his ass.

Mari said she played video games for a living, and pointed out that Survivor was the ultimate game.

Zeke showed up next to show off his fashion sense. Newsflash: He has LESS than none.

Also, he hates Twitter and being attached to his phone. In fairness, at the age of twenty-eight, he’s about as far as you could go to be considered as a Millennial.

Chris, our first Gen X'er of the episode and espoused that the life experience achieved by his generation would be an asset in the game.

Sunday popped in and said something.

David then popped in and let us know that younger people don’t put in the necessary work, whereas he has.

Jeff welcomed all twenty onto the beach and distributed the buffs, and then explained the theme for the season. In short it would be a war of generations as there were two very different societal schools of thought going at it.

Will admitted to being the youngest player, as well as the fact that he hasn’t even finished high school yet. For the record, Jacob? I didn’t find his voice all that aggravating. You had me worried dude.

Paul then copped to being the oldest - but not the wisest - as he continued on listing a litany of reasons why Millennials were bad.

Not to be outdone by this stupidity, Ce Ce had to pop in and totally agree with everything Paul had to say.

Now, I will admit: Participation Trophies? Third dumbest idea in history, just behind The Maginot Line and New Coke.

However, knowing what.....

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