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Survivor 33: Michelle Controls The Game At Tribal
A Stimpy Snarkfest
September 25, 2016

Awesome, simply awesome.
Greetings once again fans of Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X’ers! Episode two is now in the books.

Thus it falls to me, Stimpy, your humble (ha!) scribe to bid you hail and welcome to the Snarkfest.

Oodles of stuff to get to this week, and we shall do just that in short order.


Not too much to address with regards to college football. Although I am amazed Clemson could be THAT dominant against Georgia Tech and not even put up thirty points on the Yellow Jackets.

Also I am PUMPED for this weekend’s Wisconsin-Michigan game.

In the NFL allow me to say: Chip Kelly? If a defensive player from your most recent competition (Michael Bennett of the Seahawks) tells you that you should be playing Colin Kaepernick? Then you should play him.

Because that comment loosely translates to: No one is going to be afraid of San Francisco with Blaine Gabbert at quarterback.

Comments from last week’s Snarkfest

Okay, mea culpa on his part. I didn't realize that 'I saw Jeff's cast assessment video and...Will's voice. *quiver*' was you swooning and not quivering with fright.

Find me someone who ISN'T tired of Taylor and Jay's antics and I'll show you someone who truly doesn't get Survivor, and should probably be watching The Bachelor or something. As for another 'dumb girls alliance' and jinxing things with regards to The Dick™?

Not gonna happen. He's done with this game -

y'know, since it's flawed and all? - and won't be back. Plus given Brandon's melt-down from a few years ago, I don't think Probst and Burnett are legally allowed to cast any Hantz family member ever again.

With regards to not mentioning Taylor's other sound bites, cut me some slack will ya?

Man, I'd still be sitting at my computer typing away if I had to rake him over the coals for every stupid word that came out of his mouth. Because, let's face it, EVERY word that came out of Taylor's mouth was stupid.

In truth, naming the alliance was something that I just rolled my eyes at, and even as I started typing up the Snarkfest, I thought 'too easy', and moved on.

For the record, naming your alliance doesn't always work on Big Brother either, because apparently EVERY alliance on Big Brother has a name, even if they only last a week. At any rate, I also knew if I trashed on Taylor for that, I'd have revisited the vaunted (snicker) Four Horsemen from Fiji.

If you've got time on your hands you should find a screen cap of Edgardo's face and meme the hell out of it.


Probably another reason I didn't dump on Taylor for it was due to the fact that I had NO clue what the hell Tri-Force meant, nor that he was referencing something.

If I did that, I'm sure many people.....

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