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Survivor 33: Michelle Controls The Game At Tribal
A Stimpy Snarkfest
September 25, 2016

If I did that, I'm sure many people would be posting comments about how I needed to think outside my comfort zone and embrace things like a video game that mentions Tri-Force.

Then this week's addressing of comments would just be me shaking my fist and grumbling: 'Yuh durn kids! Get off my lawn!'.


Lastly it is quite sage of you to point out the volumes it speaks when you ally with a fellow 'bro', and in less than a week he's freaking out on you. That should probably be an indication that you might be doing things just a skosh 'off' of how you should.

Like I said last week, trying to figure out why Rachel voted for Sunday is like trying to push a marshmallow into a piggy bank. I figured that would have been a good enough visualization for everyone to just nod and say 'it can't be done'.

Not gonna try and convince you to not root for Mari, because that was about as good an opening episode as someone can have. Nor shall I try and dissuade you from rooting for Bret (even though you just like him for his body - chortle), because he seems to be the most level-headed guy of the bunch with the Gen Xers.

And of course, even though I said it last week, I'll reiterate it again: Yes, David's comments were spot on, as were yours.

Amongst the group? Concern and if I could manage it, more tears than Tai.

In private? Use my buff to wipe the sweat off my brow and say 'well that worked out better than I could have hoped'.

It may be callous, but this is a game for a million bucks.

Not gonna disagree with your rankings/opinions of the players, with a few minor exceptions.

I'd separate Bret from Ken and Chris, because like I said to Jacob, he seems more level-headed. As I said in last week's run-down, Chris may be too much of a grump, and Ken is too 'zen' for my liking.

I'd probably separate Sunday from Lucy too. Not that Sunday did THAT much to separate herself, but while they were both in the loop, Sunday did get face-time, while Lucy got NONE. That can't bode well for her.

I know you don't want to peak too early, but you also don't want to hit your nadir in the first episode either.

Totally agreed that Mari had the best first episode, with Hannah a close second. While Zeke had his 'moments', it wasn't game related as much as it was 'growth related'. To which I say: Who gives a shit?

Those two girls are PLAYING the game, while Zeke is 'growing'. Who are you gonna put your money on?

I do think it's appropriate to lump Adam, Will and Michaela together.

They were 'there', and appear to be on the right side of the numbers, but other than 'on the spot reporting a la Les Nessman', their confessionals don't point to any strategy. More like this happened, now over to Mari and Hannah to give some inside scoop on how the game itself is unfolding.

Agreed that Michelle got the best edit of the pretty people alliance.

Like I said ke I said there was conversation.....

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