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Survivor 33: A Power Couple Without Much Firepower
A Stimpy Snarkfest
October 6, 2016

Ken Doll?
Greetings once again, fans of Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X’ers! Episode three is now behind us!

Thus it once again falls to me, Stimpy, your humble (ha!) scribe to bid you hail and welcome to the Snarkfest.

Lots of stuff to get to, and we shall in fairly short order.


Let me just say I am perfectly fine with Toronto topping Baltimore in the AL Wild Card game on Tuesday. But for the asshole who threw the beer at Kim during a fly out? I hope he gets caught and raped in jail.

Comments from last week’s Snarkfest

cup of joe

Y'know what's funny? A guy getting hit in the groin with a football. Also funny is the fact that I was SO impressed by what Michelle pulled off that it didn't even register that it was Mari who got gunned.

I mean I knew it from the aspect of 'well I had her ranked high last week AND had high hopes for her going in so naturally she gets booted, thus making me look like an idiot', but not in the way that you did.

And the thing is, I have to totally agree with - with regards to Mari: WAY too soon.

I'm sure we got some details from her this week (this is actually being typed up pre-show), but really it's not a surprise why Michelle stuck with Tri-Force.

Jacob alludes to some of it in his comments, but these are the people that Michelle has formed a bond with, and she ain't gonna let that leg-work go asunder unless she's damn well ready.

As for being FINALS GOLD BAY-BEEEEEEE!!!!!? I think we effectively ensconce Taylor in that particular role.

The guy has shown ZERO smarts for this game, and unless Jessica (Figgy) gets ousted, and some blood makes its way to his brain and causes it to function at a MUCH higher level, I wouldn't expect him to suddenly reveal it was all part of a Machiavellian plot.

He doesn't even strike me as being smart enough to pull off Kat's Kraft Machiavelli and Cheese™!

He honestly believes that no one cared about him and Jessica (Figgy) hooking up? Even after Jay told him? This is the kinda brainless moron you'll be wanting to sit next to in the finals.

One could even argue Jessica (Figgy) is shaping up to be another goat.

She was equally unaware of the potential problems of face-sucking in the shelter and man did she turn on Michaela in heart-beat.

That ain't the kind of level-headed play and confessionals we get from someone who has 'potential winner' as the key the editors put under their name.

I wouldn't be too concerned about Hannah - YET! Yes she didn't have what I would call a stellar episode, but in the end she's still tight with the person running things.

Granted she got played by the person running things, but it's only a problem if Hannah ends up being a doormat. Think Neleh in Marquesas finally coming to the realization that to keep supporting the Rotu-4 would do NOTHING for her and Paschal.

So, this sweet, innocent kid convinced Paschal to vote with Sean (something he SWORE he wouldn't do), Vee and Kathy and WHAMMO! Script flipped.

So, there may be potential for a 'realization' moment for Hannah down the horizon that could have similar repercussions. Maybe, who knows?

I'm just thinking that Hannah had a good first episode and there was a reason we saw that. That's all.

As for flipping her vote and ending up being part of a seven to three steamrolling, well I don't think Michelle believed she had Will, and Michaela?

Quite frankly she woulda scared the bejeezus outta me going into that vote. So if you think you need one more? Go get it.

As for the Gen X'ers, yeah, Paul can go anytime now (if he hasn't this week).

All that lead-up to INTENSE drama and he didn't even need an aspirin! Stimpy sez: BOOOOOO! All in all it was NOT a good episode for him. Plus, the peasants are revolting and one of them has a talisman!

Lastly if Probst is.....

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