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Survivor 33: A Power Couple Without Much Firepower
A Stimpy Snarkfest
October 6, 2016

Lastly if Probst is high on the guy, then I think it's a foregone conclusion that Zeke will be back (and shoved down our throats again).

And if what we saw last week (and I'm assuming this week) is an indication of what we're gonna get?

Thanks I'll just stick my finger into my eye-socket and swirl it around till its over.

Well as much a I appreciate the praise for my initial thoughts about Michelle, I think a more accurate way of characterizing it - rather than me 'calling it' - is to say: Michelle stepped an emphatically answered 'you bet your ass she does', in terms of her acumen and the chops to use her ability to get people to trust her to her advantage.

Still, I did pretty much nail it there. Ahem.

As with cup of joe, I do have some misgivings about Mari getting gunned, because she did seem to have a head for this game - although she clearly failed to realize that something that DOESN'T happen in video games, is for an idiot to go to someone and blab their fool head off.

Other than that, I thought she'd fare well. And, I also totally agree with you that seeing Jessica (Figgy), Taylor and Jay advancing for the sole purpose that Michelle is dragging them along, isn't a very thrilling prospect.

But if it allows for more opportunities for Michelle to show off her chops, then it might be worth it.

You touch it with a needle though about the levels of game-play going on here courtesy of Michelle.

She's covered by her main alliance - Taylor/Jessica (Figgy) are always gonna have a target on them - Jay's challenge ability will get a target on him post-merge - to say nothing of the fact that Michaela and Jessica (Figgy) are likely to vote against each other at the drop of a hat, rather than for either of them to vote for Michelle.

However I will differ from you a skosh with regards to Michelle being 'lucky' to have fostered a relationship with Hannah.

I think she gets that it's a social game - and if you recall, during the premiere, when they showed the other three idiots all bonding, even though Michelle was considered a part of their group, she wasn't seen with them (by us) that much.

Besides if you have an ability to make people trust you - and more importantly the ability to do math - then just having three people who trust you isn't a guarantee of anything. So, chat with others and form some bonds.

But you're right that Michelle knew damn well what she was doing in swaying Hannah. I'm willing to bet you it was NO accident that she ended up seated next to Hannah (and also that Hannah was as far away from Mari as possible).

She knew who to work on, and how to get it done. And while I'm with you - if someone told me to flip my vote with nothing else than 'I'll tell you later'? Yeah, I'd be wary.

Having said that, I'd be willing to bet that Michelle wouldn't be stupid enough to try that kind of pitch on either of us. Granted if you were sitting at Tribal Council and saw Michelle chatting quietly to me with her top off then all bets would be off.


Again, the survival of the dumbasses and Mari's too soon departure are less than thrilling, but I was impressed with Michelle.

And based on the praise you heaped on her I'd say you were too. Agreed too that Michelle is less likely to catch any flak for this. Hannah will, as well as possibly Michaela and Will.

Moving forward the less said about Zeke, the better. But I think it's too much to hope that I won't have that option, because he'll figure out a way to stick around, and probably by accident.

As for the Gen Xers, I think you may have it pegged about Paul. It wouldn't surprise me in the least to find out that both Bret and Chris are more than willing him to lead the posse, but are loyal minions by any stretch of the imagination.

As for Ken thinking Paul is the glue holding the alliance together (only evidence points to Sunday)? That may be an incorrect assessment.

As for David and the talisman? I think it's safe to say that these things have run their course. They're leading to splitting votes on day three - JUST IN CASE!!!! And why?

Because the things are everywhere. If anyone can find a talisman without a clue? Yer not doing a good job.

Hiding them underwater.....

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