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Survivor 33: Idiot Manly Men Bested By Twit
A Stimpy Snarkfest
October 13, 2016

As for Hannah it'll be interesting to see how her edit progresses from here. She got a good start in the premiere, and while she has been shown as being 'flighty', she could be primed to grow a set.

In that, the constant barrage from Zeke and Adam might just make her Michelle's new number one.

Again, I don't like to 'predict' too much (except where the jury is concerned - is anyone STILL impressed that I nailed Kelly asking for a number?), but Hannah's story arc doesn't have me worried. Yet.

Lastly if 'Vacuous Turd' got trademarked this week, I will say that I never watched Beavis and Butthead, so I claim intellectual property rights with it.


Mr. Editor
Just as update. He's alive and Matthew didn't cause too much trouble in his neck of the woods. Thank god the car is safe.

cup of joe
While I have no issues with Paul being shown the door, it seems alright to me to be harsh and say his departure was 'overdue'. I mean that stings! And yes, I do wish I'd thought of using it first.

As for Bret and Chris, I have a bit more faith in Bret being able to handle what happened better than Chris. Like you said, he comes off as grumpy.

And the look he had on his face after the votes were read was not the look of a happy camper.

Bret on the other hand just looked shocked and wondered what the hell had just happened.

We'll see going forward, but I think you're probably right that their physical contributions will keep them safe for the time being.

Unless Chris goes all 'scorched earth,’ a la Snot™ and Ja-SHIT™ from last season.

As far as CeCe goes, there's a reason I had her ranked so low last week. When Jessica (the other one) said that the tribe needed to move forward and win challenges, that was a shot across Ce Ce's bow.

Jessica (the other one) made a preemptive strike against Paul because she had NO trust in him anymore. But that doesn't mean she has undying loyalty to Ce Ce either.

Another challenge-performance like that (where One World's Will shouts at his TV: 'even I wasn't THAT bad' - but he was close), she'll get her torch snuffed in short order.

As for the Millennials and who's ruling the roost? Yup, and the only way members of Tri-Force are in any danger is if Michelle gets tired of them or is worried that the trust isn't there anymore.

Then they'll have issues.

Lastly under no circumstances are you to refer to Zeke as 'Varner Lite' ever again. Jeff's last kick at the can may not have been as good as hoped for, but Zeke doesn't even come close to being at his level.

At least Varner could be entertaining AND he got that it was a game above all else. After that performance last week, the best Zeke can hope for is charter membership to the levels of Snot™ and Ja-SHIT™ due to the maturity level displayed when things didn't go their way.

Either that, or he could be on the same level of impetuous child-like behavior of Ne-DAN-derthal™. Neither is a testament to Zeke and neither was intended to be. This is about protecting the legacy of Jeff Varner.

I wouldn't go so far as to say that it's lock that a Millennial is going to win this season.

It took awhile last year, but in the early going if I had said that someone from the pretty people tribe would win, you'd have said I was on crack, and not the good kind.

Hell, even when it became apparent to me that Michele was being edited as the winner, I was still told I was an idiot.

Anyhoo, I wouldn't say Jessica (the other one) has cast her game asunder. As cup of joe said, it's never to soon when someone shows their cards.

It is telling that in some of his post-boot interviews that Paul is trying to say that what he said wasn't what he meant.

Yeah, well, Jessica didn't get that memo, and there were no sub-titles. So when you have a guy in your solid six-way that has told you at some point it'll be 'good luck ladies'? You nip that shit in the bud, like right fucking now.

The beauty part of it.....

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