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Survivor 33: The Split To Three Changes The Game
A Stimpy Snarkfest
October 20, 2016

In my defense though, I did add that there was 'something missing' that kept me from saying he was one to watch in the grand scheme of things, so I must've had an inkling.

I didn't get the 'basic alpha bro' vibe though, because he also mentioned how he could fit in with both the 'in crowd' and the 'out crowd', as was evidenced by his fitting in so well with the original six, and not ostracizing those in the minority.

Oh wait.

As for who's going to benefit from the swap? I think you're BANG-on with Jessica (the other one) benefiting HUGE!

Even if she ends up on a tribe with Chris again, given his attitude I can't see even the Millennial guys wanting to work with him to dump her.

David is probably going to benefit as well, because as you said there are some who will be a mite pissed at him for his talisman-play, plus he's had the benefit of already interacting with some of the Millennials as well. They certainly won't view him as a threat.

If Bret ends up on the same tribe as Chris and DOESN'T distance himself from him? That'll be problematic. If he is on the same tribe and does distance himself? That's better.

Best would be to on another tribe altogether and try and let his calmer demeanor find himself a place within the new dynamic.

Ken shouldn't have a problem fitting in anywhere - except maybe with Jessica (the other one).

Sunday? Who the hell knows. And Ce Ce? Hells yeah, her challenge liability will be an issue for her.

As for the Millennials, Zeke probably benefits the most, since he should have less trouble bonding with Gen X given he's the oldest of the bunch.

However, given his penchant for moustache-twirling antics, that's taken with a grain of salt.

I can see Adam easily bonding with David, since they're almost time-skewed mirror-images of each other.

Michelle won't have any problems wherever she goes. Ditto Michaela. Hannah should be all right.

Whether they're together or split up, depending on their tribe's make-up both Jessica (Figgy) and Taylor will probably be all right as long as there's a 'bigger' target.

I think Will will continue to be invisible no matter where he ends up. It's not hard to fit in when no one even notices you being there.

The real interesting one to watch is Jay. Like I said, with so little from the Millennials last week (other than Adam and Michaela) it was difficult to get a handle on things overall.

But Jay got his face time and it was ostensibly to run down Gen X. And, as I said at the time, I don't know why but that really can't be a good omen.

As for your clarifications, as I stated above, there were no worries about the Varner thing, and I KNEW you were comparing Zeke to Scrotum(tm).

You've been around here long enough to know that if you compared Varner to Scrotum(tm), I'd follow up with:

(Bugs Bunny MODE ON)

Of course you know, DIS means war!

(Bugs Bunny MODE OFF)

You may be right about the Millennials reaction. They may have said they didn't see it coming in a 'wow, we hated him so much we expected him to be around forever' kinda way.

And the talisman hunt? That's the nature of the game these days. Hell if you gotta go off to 'answer the call of nature' you need to take three people with you to verify that's ALL you did, and you weren't actually talisman hunting.

Jacob Like I said to cup of joe, depending on where he ends up Bret's got options following the switch, and I think all the good ones involve distancing himself from Chris as much as he possibly can.

We all saw it last week. He was at least willing to listen to Jessica (the other one) after Paul's ouster. He was also more level-headed in his 'we're gonna boot Jessica (the other one)' confessional, leaning more on the strategy of 'she's showed her cards', rather than the venom and bile being spewed by Chris.

I still can't figure out.....

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