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Survivor 33: Someone Needs To Talk And Someone Needs To Listen
A Stimpy Snarkfest
October 27, 2016

Just shut the hell up!.
Greetings once again, fans of Survivor: Millenials vs. Gen X! Episode six is now in the books.

Thus, it once again falls to me, Stimpy, your humble (ha!) scribe to bid you hail and welcome to the Snarkfest.

LOADS of stuff to get to, and we shall in short order.

So yeah, World Series.

Wowsers on the Penn State win over Ohio State!

In the NFL, there’s still no sighting of Jared Goff on the field for the Rams. Well, it’s not like they gave up a lot to get him, is it?

Oh wait.

Meanwhile the Cleveland Browns are on their forty-third quarterback of the season, and TWO of them have been rookies! Condolences to Kevin Hogan for getting the start this season.

Comments from last week’s Snarkfest


I can totally understand you thinking it HAD to be Ce Ce's time to go. I mean you don't get edited and shown a being just this side of sinking to the bottom of the ocean and then get a confessional where you say 'I'm no longer on the bottom', and not get some form of comeuppance.

However to specifically address the following: 'Nevertheless, Michelle almost blew it up with her penchant for overplaying her hand and making herself dominant.'

I see it slightly differently. I wouldn't say that Michelle was trying to make her dominant, but was merely taking her game into her own hands, rather than just accepting others' words. Which, as we saw with Ce Ce can come back and bite you in the ass big time.

This didn't seem to be Michelle feeling a need to flex her muscle or anything.

We DID see that from Chris. He told us that he was feeling more secure and had the ability to make HIS decisions.

Michelle simply had two people she didn't know, nor have any reason to trust, tell her that she was safe.

And she decided rather than just sitting back, that she'd actually DO something.

How many times have we seen people NOT do anything and get shown the door?

It remains to be seen how things will play out going forward, but I really didn't get a good vibe out of Chris' edit.

But you brought up the point about Probst highlighting Zeke, and if he did that then there's a reason. And generally it turns out to be for 'entertainment type purposes' as opposed to good game play.

Also I feel it necessary to warn you against poo-pooing over medical's visit to tend to Hannah. In the past when medical has been shown arriving in previews, it's edited to be LOADED with drama. And it generally ends up falling flat.

Hell, just this season we saw the preview of medical showing up to tend to Paul! We heard groaning, and saw his hands trembling and heard the words 'he may have had a heart attack'.

And what did we get? Have a drink of water and you'll be fine. Sheesh.

It's actually kind of interesting in that I originally sluffed it off when I saw the preview, because right after they showed a clip of Bret kind of laughing things off.

That's when it struck me that maybe there's more to it, and they're downplaying it so we'll REALLY be shocked.

Of course, it's also entirely possible that she stubbed her toe and she really is a spoiled little cupcake as you said. Just be careful.

Because if things do go worse, it might make you feel a bit bad for dumping on her before you had a complete view of the situation.

I can get away with doing shit like that, because I have no soul.


I have NO idea why they cast Ce Ce, but I will address this: 'She has the personality of a box of rocks and the game-play acumen of the rocks in said box'

That is being very.....

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