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Survivor 33: Someone Needs To Talk And Someone Needs To Listen
A Stimpy Snarkfest
October 27, 2016

That is being very unkind. To the rocks.

Anyhoo, I can only assume she filled the 'older black woman' need for casting. Let's face it, it's not just her, because we've had copious seasons, with a cornucopia of useless players with personalities to match.

Totally agree that there's a good chance Michaela goes deep into this one. Like I said last week: that was a STELLAR edit and it was designed to get us to root for her.

Now, as for the Jessica (Figgy) and Jessica (the other one), it's not that I don't have faith that my readers won't be able to figure out who I'm talking about. It's just as the premiere unfolded, I did that double-take, when I realized that there was Jessica OTHER than Figgy. And I just ran with it, much in the same way as I did during One World when it was constantly Kim (not Chelsea) and Chelsea (not Kim). Kinda like nicknames, it's just something I decided to go with. But if it is an issue, I'll take it under advisement.

For the record I do believe the readers can figure out who I'm talking about, because I spent all last week referring to Justin as Jason, and no one seemed to mind.

The Epic cup of joe/caligal throw-down (with Jacob popping in late)
First off, with regards to this: ' it seems to me like the Millennials are being cast in a tad more positive light compared to their Gen-X counterparts'.

One could argue that Figgy/Taylor are not being cast in a positive light. And it could also be argued that one can't be cast in a less positive light when one isn't even seen. Yeah, I'm looking at YOU Will!

Now I will certainly accept that I'm being hard-hearted towards Chris and how he reacted. And it's certainly fair if caligal kinda digs a guy who isn't above showing when his feelings are hurt.

But again, since I have no soul, allow me to debunk that.

This is SURVIVOR! He didn't get his pants pulled down as a gag by a group of people he thought he was tight with, just to humiliate him.

He was left outside of a voting choice. Jessica wanted to explain that to him, and he didn't want to hear it. I'm sorry, but that's just petulant behavior.

Hell, Jessica even still planned on working with him going forward! His response? Try to gun her. Not for strategic reasons, but out of pure spite and revenge. Lucy may have said he was a peach, but consider the source. That revenge-based motive is hardly the action of a peach.

Now as far as Hannah goes, I'll grant you that some of her behavior may come off as a 'cry for attention', but one thing I have noticed over the years is that sometimes women are a bit more sensitive to some things than men are.

Back in my skydiving days, I had a few landings which could be described as 'train wrecks'. More often than not I stood up and dusted myself off.

On one of them I actually did end up fubaring my shoulder somewhat. But it was weeks(!) before I went to the doctor to get it looked at.

Well, a fellow skydiver of the female persuasion fell down and went 'boom' on one landing of hers, and was immediately in a bit of a tizzy. She swore she heard a pop and seemed to be freaking out. Now, as it turns out she did tear her MCL, so her attitude wasn't without merit.

But, I didn't get my nose outta joint about it before I knew about the MCL. I realized that she probably hadn't done as much damage to herself over the years as I've done to myself.

I'm old school (or just old, take your pick), and if there wasn't some form of cut, or abrasion, or something hurt, then I was doing something wrong.

And that was just doing homework! Ahem.

At any rate, the thing is, I'd have train-wreck landings and just dust myself off, because I was used to shit like that.

Hell, I once broke my wrist (non-skydiving related though), and I just wrapped it in a tensor bandage and went back to bed.

Some guys are like that. If bones aren't broken (sometimes even if they are!) and no blood is gushing? We're fine and we don't care.

A woman who hasn't spent her youth climbing trees and hurting herself constantly? She gets an injury she might not know exactly how to deal with it. If you've never sprained your ankle, the first time you do, it can freak you out.

Lastly, back to cup of joes final rebuttal. Chris may be a peach and a gentleman when things are going his way, but when they didn't - hurt feelings or not - he showed his true colors.

Like I said, he was going to do the same thing that Jessica had done to Paul, to her. And while her motivation was based on strategy and best interests, his was based on revenge.

Like cup of joe said, he was doing it for his bro. Torpedo away! I mean seriously?

Anyhoo, we could debate.....

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