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Survivor 33: I's All About Trust. And Revenge!
A Stimpy Snarkfest
November 3, 2016

A tasdty exite.
Greetings once again, fans of Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X! Episode seven is now in the books!

Thus, it once again falls to me, Stimpy, your humble (ha!) scribe to bid you hail and welcome to the Snarkfest where I shall delve into things for your reading pleasure and entertainment (ha!).

Tons of stuff to get to and we shall in short order.


It’s game seven of the World Series! One of the droughts will end! And. I’m typing up the Snarkfest. The things I do for you people. And, the first College Football Playoff rankings were released. Take it easy people. Yes, unbeaten Washington is ranked fifth, behind one-loss Texas A&M, but it’s still early.

Comments from last week’s Snarkfest


Glad to hear I made you laugh, but I have to admit, Rob Reiner probably wouldn't like the idea that it was referencing A Few Good Men that did it. I'm getting a mental image of him with a confused look on his face saying 'but it's not a comedy'. Oh well.

I do think you're being just a little bit sarcastic in letting Hannah of the hook though with this zinger: 'Hannah is not an attention seeking self centered little snowflake'.

Still as you said, 'evensies'. Although I reserve the right to continue to diss Paul. Just because.


So based on the process of elimination, Will gets 'least despised' from you among certain groups?

Now we really need to get him the hell outta there, because IF he ends up in the finals with an unholy grouping like you suggested?

Congrats Will, you've gone from invisible to Judd from Nicaragua. And the less said about THAT, the better.

Agreed Jay finding the talisman was as 'paint-by-the-numbers' as you can get these days, but Michaela showing up to ruin his moment in the sun was good TV.

And the only way we get a Parvati-like idol play is going to be Michaela-influenced. I don't Jay as having the mental acumen to pull it off.

Who knows how Hannah's edit is going to go from here on? She had some good moments early on, and was in on the initial scheming.

Now? She's fumbling and flailing about looking like the village idiot.

As for the debacle that was Taylor and Figgy, I wasn't so much annoyed by it as I was stunned that two - apparently, fully-functional and sane individuals - could be THAT clueless!

I mean what the hell is going on with the schooling of youth these days! Yer durn kids! Get off my lawn!

No dispute from me. Michaela IS a badass. Plain and simple. I also agree that no one even seems to be considering a threat, so I'm wondering if there's more stuff going on than what we're seeing.

But in terms of seeing something? Yeah, I could definitely get behind a Michaela-Michelle partnership running roughshod over everyone else. THAT would be great TV!

cup of joe
The complete lack of awareness by Taylor and Figgy has been addressed, but I will concur with you that her ouster was 'long overdue'.

Actually, I could go so far as to say you're being kind to Figgy for saying her gameplay was 'haphazard'. Because let's face it, her gameplay pretty much sucked the sweat off a dead dog's testicles.

I'm very interested in how some people reacted when the other tribes saw that Figgy got the boot though. It wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if Zeke did have a hearty belly-laugh, or that Jay had a hissy-fit.

But really it's Michelle's reaction that I'm more interested in. She could even sell a 'who gives a damn?' attitude with a shrug of her shoulders, instead of just being poker-faced.

I'm not even gonna.....

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