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Survivor 33: I's All About Trust. And Revenge!
A Stimpy Snarkfest
November 3, 2016

I'm not even gonna get into Taylor's passive-aggressive attitude towards Adam. It's like you said, the kid doesn't have an arsenal to speak of, so I really don't know what the hell he can do.

Forget the Alpha Bro attitude. How lame is it to say to milquetoast like Adam: 'My friends will get you for this!'.? Barf.

As for his homelife? Hearing the issues going are worthy of a chuckle, but the fact that he's going to be a father scares the beejeezus outta me.

Like I said to Jacob, who knows what's gonna happen with Hannah. But you're quite correct that her edit hasn't been all that and a bag of chips for the past few weeks.

Although I wouldn't put too much into the fact that she's the only Millennial to not know about Jay's talisman. It's early.

As for Michelle there is the potential for a train-wreck ending for this given the lay-out on her tribe.

However, her 'truth works well' line? Like I said last week. Figgy smashed that jug to bits. Nuthin' Michelle could do about it but smile and laugh.

If she'd gotten worked up or looked pissed at Figgy that could've cast her in an unfavorable light.

Ditto her saying Figgy owed her game-life to her. Let the others know that's the reason Figgy loves me, but trust me, that's just a one-way street.

I'm not too worried about Zeke forming bonds or anything. Previews are meant to be taken with a grain of salt, and besides.

The guy is a cartoon character. I'm getting the vibe that Probst just loved him from an 'entertainment' aspect than: Man, was he a good player!

I don't think I ever had Will on the 'useful' list, so there's no need to scratch him off.

Granted, I did list him as a useful 'number', but that doesn't imply he's useful in any other shape or form. He'd prove even less useful as a number if he showed some independent thought. So, yeah, he's a useful number.

Lastly, I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for Bret to do 'Lady Marmalade'. I think there's better odds of me flapping my arms and flying to the moon next weekend.

And I believe that about covers it.

Shall we get down to it in earnest?

Let’s away!

Previously over at Ikabula, Bret and Sunday found themselves in the minority. Over at Vanua, Zeke was bonding with the Gen X members of the tribe.

While on Takali, Adam was in the power position between the duo of Taylor and Figgy and the Ken/Jessica voting bloc. In the end he voted with the Gen X members and Figgy was booted.

Beginning the episode proper as Takali returned to camp following Figgy’s ouster. Naturally, since HE was the one who flipped his vote, he wanted to talk to Taylor about it.

Surprisingly, even though he was just DRIPPING with sarcasm, Taylor had the most mature reaction to being a returning person who didn’t vote with the majority. That speaks volumes. And not in a good way.

Taylor popped in privately to lament Figgy’s ouster. Not only was he outside the voting majority, but he didn’t trust anyone else on the tribe, nor in the game, like the trust he had with Figgy.

One could argue - although with this kid it would probably fall on deaf (or just plain stupid) ears - and say: ‘Not trusting people on Survivor is a GOOD thing’.

Anyhoo, Adam apologized to Taylor and was a bit too perfuse and over the top about it. He had screwed Taylor. Taylor’s position in the game was tenuous at best, and that was Adam’s fault.

I mean even his ‘I was in a lose-lose situation and chose the least-worse path’ was ‘hash tag weak-sauce’!

Stimpy’s Survivor Primer
If you get back after a Tribal Council and there’s someone who thought you were going to vote with them, but you didn’t?

Don’t fucking apologize.

If the person you’ve duped is willing to listen to reason? Come up with a lie and tell them you were looking out for THEIR best interests.

But don’t apologize and say.....

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