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Survivor 33: I's ‘the people I trust versus the people you trust’.
A Stimpy Snarkfest
November 10, 2016

I will caution you on one front though. Simply booting Bret and thinking 'we've got the numbers pegged at seven to six', is a dangerous assumption to make. While I don't think it was Jay's best move, look at it this way: He boots Bret. How is Chris gonna react? If you said 'not good', take a brewskie outta petty cash. Also, Chris is more apt to see a fellow male as a threat than a woman (unless they demonstrate independent thought), so who's he gonna gun for? If you said 'probably Jay', dig into petty cash and grab yerself from munchies.

The game is fluid and it's always best to keep one's options open, and while I'd argue Jay would have more options if he'd booted Bret instead of Michaela, that doesn't mean they'd have panned out.

My issue with though really stemmed from the fact that Jay was too 'in the moment', and not thinking longer-term, or 'what the hell is going on over on the other tribes'. He just saw a threat (with ovaries, bonus!) and went for the kill.

Besides there's also that little thing Jay has a talisman that can be used to gum things up. So again, he's not dead, but I'd argue that they may want to consider getting someone to come in to administer last rites.

Lastly, let me just say Michelle's edit hasn't 'taken a tumble'. Despite the hiccup at the Immunity Challenge - which ended up NOT being an issue, other than the edit that we did see, that of Zeke saying she was losing it, only for Michelle to figure it out - the main thing was following the Reward.

You had three guys belching and farting their asses and faces off, while Michelle came off looking like roses. Trust me. That was in there for a reason.

Actually, I don't even know why I'm saying 'trust me'. You people can just go back and read Snarkfests from previous years to see where I hit it outta the park.

cup of joe:
Very true that, on its face, it was shocking for Michaela to get the boot last week, and yet the signs were all there. Agreed too that the Millennials on Ikabula weren't BFFs. Another example of people just assuming things would continue down original tribal lines.

Although in Michaela's defense she actually did seem to have a plan in place for them to split their votes. Will and Jay went rogue AFTER that plan was hatched. So, she didn't just ASSUME.

Don't remind me that most women are gone, because it was mostly women that I had the best vibes for back during Stimpy's Takes. And while you are probably right to be concerned about 'Johnson oriented' game play, due to the plethora of testicle-bearing players left in the game, you also noted something else: 'Merge Time (read: the battle of the social connections)!'

It's not a rule that women are better at it than men, but this season? Other than Ken can you name ONE guy who might show some deftness in this regard? I won't bother waiting, we'll be here until NEXT week.


As for your rankings, just a few things.

With regards to Adam, he has Ken, but not necessarily Jessica. THAT could be something worth keeping an eye on.

Agreed Bret needs to be more proactive, and no, I don't think hooking back up with Chris is the course of action I would suggest.

Chris is a dead-man walking. His edit give him NO shot.

There's not too much to disagree with your assessment about any of the others. Especially with regards to Jay and projectiles. And starting fire.

Also your bottom three are pretty much spot on, but if you jinxed it and Sunday/Taylor/Will are our finalists? I will be a tad upset.

I actually had Ken at number six in the Highly Unlikely category. The lines about not seeing it in his edit, and being too 'namby-pampy' were about Ken. Dunno what happened there. Probably has something to do with me using Canadian Word and Mr. Editor using the US version.

And cup of joe? I had Taylor ranked tenth. Dunno what happened there either. Je ne comprends pas.

Granting Jay some credit for the move is certainly within your prerogative. Everything you said about Michaela was spot-on, but I will continue to maintain that he didn't seem to see the overall bigger picture.

I'm not gonna fault someone......

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