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Survivor 33: Another One Bites The Dust
A Stimpy Snarkfest
November 17, 2016

Thump goes the fire snuffer.
Greetings once again, fans of Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X! Episode eight is now in the books!

Thus it once again falls to me, Stimpy, your humble (ha!) scribe to bid you hail and welcome to the Snarkfest.

Stuff to get to this week (notice I didn’t say ‘Richard’? er ‘lots of’?) and we shall in short order


Pure class by Tony Romo, in accepting his demotion to Dak Prescott’s back-up for the Dallas Cowboys. The way things are rolling right now, you don’t want to upset that apple cart.

Holy wow, did the Seahawks look good last week beating New England!

Anarchy in college football last week! Michigan loses! Clemson loses! Washington loses!

And I know that I’m one to say ‘chill’ when the Playoff Rankings come out, because they’re not the FINAL ones yet, but? I do kinda have to question how Michigan stayed in the top four after to losing to FREAKING Iowa!

Irony can be so ironic sometimes.

Speaking of.

Comments from last week’s Snarkfest

First off to address the issues with the posting board last week. I have no clue what went on. I don’t do techno-shit. However I do share humble apologies with y’all for the problems that occurred.

Note From Editor:
We do believe we have the comments section back up and running normally.

At least the Snarkfest itself got posted, and isn’t that what’s most important?


Now as to the comments that actually made it.

Well first off, I didn't forget to rank Taylor. That was an omission of choice. How the hell can you even rank someone's chances of winning when the only thing they're interested in is the demise of ONE player in particular?

With regards to FINALS GOLD BAY-BEEEE!!!! Taylor would be as close as you could possibly get at present, because I don't even think there's a chance at him gaining sympathy votes from allies/former allies. Unless he shows some deftness (ha!) and gets to the end by something other than brute force, ignorance and blind luck, Taylor is going to be the very definition of a modern major-general. Um, I mean goat.

Sunday is just 'there', but as you said she hasn't committed any grievous sins or anything, so casting her as incapable of getting a vote is a bit of a stretch at this point, given that she seems to have the social game pretty well, and more importantly a solid ally to some people.

Will could fit the bill though, despite his Immunity win - when he needed it. Other than that, he's been invisible, and hardly proactive. Little more than a lap-dog who follows and offers nothing of substance. Hell through the tribal stage of the game he sat out more challenges than Carter's got pills, and he's the youngest one out there!

Based on edits, I'd say Chris has NO shot, but I imagine he'd get a vote or two just because. He's got solid allies, and unless he screws over Bret and Sunday, or even David, then I can't imagine him getting shut out. But again, his edit does NOT suggest a winner. Not even close.

As for the sitting mallards, they've got no one to blame but themselves. Too much tunnel vision and not enough 'big picture' and they've found themselves in this position. Agreed that Will is gonna have a target on him, and eventually Jay will as well. Taylor might be viewed as a good one to try and drag to the end, unless someone might be worried about there being three lock votes for him from Michelle, Will and Jay, and cut him loose sooner rather than later.

Lastly with Adam and his advantage.....

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