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Survivor 33: Another One Bites The Dust
A Stimpy Snarkfest
November 17, 2016

Lastly with Adam and his advantage, like I said last week. I don't see it as an advantage, and I think it goes without saying that he'll find a way to butcher any opportunity of it actually being an advantage.

I have given this some thought, and I think scooping a reward win from the perceived 'next boot' and giving it to some of the others - but NOT partaking yourself - might be a way to go, but it still results in people cocking an eyebrow in your direction wondering if you're trying to build goodwill from the future jury members.

cup of joe
Agreed, Michelle was much too passive last week. I disagree slightly that she was riding the wave of the Mari boot. Rather I think she realized that she could have rocked the boat too much after the swap, and rather than trying to be proactive again post-merge, she decided it was best to lay low and let the alphas whip 'em out for measuring.

Her problem was the alphas did just that, but SHE was the one who took the fall for it. Totally agreed with you that it was right for the others. It can be argued that since they were SO clueless about what was coming, that the majority could have booted Jay (or even Taylor) and that missed opportunity could end up biting them. However, getting rid of someone like Michelle who was much more adept at good social play, and scheming in a subtle manner was the right call.

With regards to Adam's advantage, I've already addressed that, and I think it's safe to say that I ain't expecting Adam to wow us with his brilliance in how he chooses to use it.

Sage point though about if it's Hannah telling you that you need to chill, then you have really gone off the deep end in the worse way.

Bret's edit doesn't suggest 'winner' (yet), but he's certainly inoffensive, so he has that to his credit. Chris? Nope. Like you said, he's gotten lucky, AND again his comments last week about lines being drawn was NOT a good edit for him. Because the last time lines were drawn (even though they weren't), he got his panties in a bunch and was hell-bent on revenge against Jessica. But now because he's on the 'right' side of the numbers, he can behave like a mature adult? That ain't a winner's edit. That's the edit of a clueless asshole. To address your question at the end about what he meant, I think you nailed it: Sucks to be you people and I am not willing to diverge from the path that I am on.

Except that he's forgetting that others in his 'alliance' have demonstrated a propensity for doing just that. He'll either get his comeuppance, or be dragged to the end as the asshole who was too much of an asshole, and didn't play the social game one iota. David's recent quiet edit suggests he may have peaked, or is just keeping his head down for the time being and trying not to draw too much attention to himself. Time will tell.

Hannah has probably has the best upswing of anyone. If you recall after she flipped at the Mari vote, she flat-out told us that there were people that she supported with that vote that she had NO interests in working with. She's kept her options open, and as you said, she's smiling, nodding and being adaptable.

As for the mallards, it's been addressed.

Lastly, with Zeke, it's GOTTA be coming. He was another one, like Chris, who got his panties in a bunch when things didn't go his way. If THAT'S what Probst was basing his 'oh Zeke was TV GOLD!' spiel was about, then he's setting the bar really fucking low these days. More than likely, Zeke will demonstrate exactly what it was that has Probst so enamored with him, and I'm sure I'll be swirling my finger in my eye socket as it transpires.

And that I think.....

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