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Survivor 33: Trust Clusters - It's Survivor Dude
A Stimpy Snarkfest
November 24, 2016

Greetings once again, fans of Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X! Episode ten and eleven are now in the books!

Thus it once again falls to me, Stimpy, your humble (ha!) scribe to bid you hail and welcome to the Snarkfest.

Two episodes back to back? Shouldn’t I be getting paid double-time or something for this?

At any rate there’s lots to cover, and we shall in short order. ‘Short’ being a relative term of course


Let me just say that if I were a ref in pro football (or even college), I’d hang my head in shame. The performance this year has been abysmal and the out-and-out egregious nature of the blown calls in mind-boggling.

Stimpy hath spoken. ‘Nuff said.

Comments from last week’s Snarkfest

andrew1 Interesting question: Is Taylor the single stupidest person to ever pollute the game of Survivor?

It could be argued that he is. However, with the pool of 'talent' we have to choose from it's something that could be argued for years on end.

I think it goes without saying, that Taylor is certainly the most haphazard individual to ever play this game. Sure there have been some out there for the adventure, or the experience, and really didn't do anything to attempt to win the game.

I don't know what the hell Taylor's motivation was to be on Survivor, but he immediately began thinking with the 'other brain' (assuming he actually has a 'primary brain', something else that can be debated till we're blue in the face), and that was all she wrote. Even after Figgy's departure, he was only possessed by avenging her, and not any motivation to win the game, even though he said that's what Figgy told him to do!

Speculating about what may happen this week ain't my cup of tea, but I whole-heartedly agree with you: Survivor would LOVE it if Will's gum-flapping lead to his own demise. It's the kind of ham-fisted stupidity that they seemingly can't get enough of. Think Tyson arbitrarily changing his vote during Heroes vs. Villains, and getting himself voted out for it. That's GOLD!

Without engaging in too much speculation, I will also agree with you that if the nerds take down Chris' crew, then Ken becomes target number one that CANNOT get to the end.

Even though we haven't seen it in droves, he's clearly got a good social game, and hasn't really ruffled feathers too much (yet). And you've gotta know that there's no way in hell Chris would want to reward Jessica or Hannah for orchestrating his ouster. I would argue against the 'Zeke having a good edit' though. There's been a lot more valleys than peaks throughout his story arc, and I haven't seen anything that would suggest his is the edit of a winner. He may have connections, but it'll take more than that for him to pull it off. I mean do you REALLY think he has a shot at either of the current jurors (Michelle/Taylor) votes?

David on the other hand, I might agree has been positioned well, since his edit has been about 'overcoming'. I will also agree though that if David is in the finals with Ken, he'd probably be toast just because of the manly-man mentality you suggested - namely Chris, Bret, Jay, Taylor all voting for a challenge-beast with a social game, versus a physically challenge nerd with a good strategic game.

And in truth, in a bit of a defense to 'manly men' jurors: A strategic game can be MUCH harder to discern, and even accept!

I'm not even gonna bother discussing Adam. Other than to say: All book-smarts (and the book he read was probably an abridged version with pop-up pictures) and no street-smarts.

Hannah may yet surprise. She has shown to be a bit high-strung during Tribal Council, but throughout the game, she's had her good moments, and that's always something to keep an eye on.

Agreed that Jessica may not have shown 'enough', YET!, but there's always a chance for her to start shining brightly.

Granted I may have had Samoa Natalie's win coming from a MILE away, but it wasn't until well after the merge that I figured it out for Michelle (last season), and Sophie (besting the DoucheSlayer™ in South Pacific).

This week will be telling with the two episodes, so check back for the run-down. I won't have any problem bumping up Zeke's stock if he shows me something more. And I mean A LOT more - he's GOTTA get over that 'I'll eat rather than compete' bit. That never bodes well for anyone's chances.

cup of joe
Not gonna bother rehashing your dumping on Taylor. Although his referencing of his 'girlfriend' and him sailing off in his parting words, I had to chuckle, because we know it AIN'T Figgy.


I wouldn't be surprised to see.....

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