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Survivor 33: Trust Clusters - It's Survivor Dude
A Stimpy Snarkfest
November 24, 2016

Now with regards to your worries about Chris. Relax. On the one hand, his overall edit, and secret scenes would seem to indicate a bit of a 'sleeper' unfolding were it not for a few other factors, one overt and the other gleaned from another source.

First the other source was one of Michelle's interviews after being booted. She said she'd begun to work on culling the numbers to BOOT Chris, and she'd received indications from Ken and Jessica that they were up for doing just that.

However she added that she pulled back from that when her alliance set their sites on Adam AND told her that others were making note of Michelle being a schemer. So, she decided to back off on pursuing Chris' ouster and lurk in the shadows to avoid painting a target on herself.

And we know how that worked out for her, don't we? Sigh.

Anyhoo, the main gist of it was that there was initially some interest in booting Chris, so I don't think he's as 'ensconced' as you might think.

Next the overt. His edit. Not just recent, but overall. He went from whiny and petulant and vowing revenge against Jessica, to browbeating David to boot Ce Ce. And all his confessionals have come across the same way. I THE BIG CHEESE control my own destiny, and people are doing as I SAY!

Trust me on this: I've been at this a while now and that is NOT a winner's edit. A winner also doesn't 'pfft' being on the wrong side of the numbers, since he'd been there and 'worked' himself back in. Except he didn't. He got fucking lucky. Sure, there are times it's better to be more lucky than good, but this ain't one of them.

Oh and one other thing: A winner doesn't announce to all in sundry at Tribal Council that 'there are cracks' in the dominant alliance. Only an idiot, or a hubris-induced holier than thou dickhead does that sort of thing.

Now I do think it bears mentioning about Ken and Jessica's lack of face-time being a concern. But I doubt that David has a better bond with Chris and Zeke than he does with Ken and Jessica. He MIGHT have a better bond with Zeke, but not Chris. Even though the 'grain of salt' rule applies to previews, we did see a clip of David confirming a vote against Chris.

There's a myriad of ways that it can play out, and I think you erred towards 'worst possible scenario', and I think it's a tad unlikely. Even though I am somewhat loathe to predict what can/may happen, I just have a hard time buying it.

With regards to Sunday, she's just being given airtime like this to 'ironically foreshadow' her own demise. Like you said, she's (apparently) imagining that Jessica is gunning for her. Even if Jessica IS gunning for her, there's a reason WE haven't seen it. Hello? Viewing public: We want you to see this woman as rabidly paranoid and sees a threat where one doesn't exist. She's gonna take the fall for it to. THAT'S good TV.

Again not delving into predictions here or anything, I'd harbor that's the way things are going, and the reason that Sunday(!) of all people is being given this edit, is that when it happens to her, it's gonna be the straw that fractures the Gen X horse's back. And then the shit will fly,

As for Jay, he may very well be seen as a commodity, because we've already seen evidence of that, when Sunday tried to use her bond with him to cull the numbers to boot Jessica (unsuccessfully, mind you).

Adam? Lost cause. It's funny that you referenced Ne-DAN-derthalâ„¢ and Shirin. Now I'm thinking the book Adam read before he went out there was 'How to Win Friends and Influence People (AND blow an advantage to hell) on Survivor', by one Ne-DAN-derthalâ„¢. Currently residing in the 'free take one bin' at your local Wal-Mart (because even thrift stores won't carry it).

Hannah remains the most interesting to watch. While she has shown a propensity for being anxious, nervous and out and out weird, it's not like she isn't aware of this. She KNOWS herself, and what her short-comings are. It'll be interesting to see if she can get herself to the end and have a better performance in her than Aubry was able to pull off last season.

It goes without saying that the dude brothers should have been working it at camp rather than at Tribal Council. Methinks they may have been influenced by Michelle's talents at a previous Tribal Council and thought they could pull off the same sort of thing.

If they had done as you suggested, and blabbed about Adam's advantage that would have given the masses the impetus to walk into Tribal Council with the intention of gunning Adam. Then even if Taylor's stupidity is outted (which it would have been in a vain attempt by Adam to try and shift blame), the main impetus still holds true. Adam gets booted but Taylor is eyed suspiciously.

Instead, walking into TC with Taylor (or Jay) as the target, Adam's malfeasance is simply put into the 'remember at a future time' file, and the plan is held to, because the reasons for booting Taylor (or Jay) still exist.

Unless we see some confessionals from Jay this week about how he just was going to let Taylor go down swinging and hopefully paint Adam in a bad light, then I agree the edit of him noshing on stale pretzels and laughing about sticking it to Adam was not the edit of a winner.

I don't doubt that Jay has nothing to woo Hannah with, but I think that was shown more to demonstrate that Hannah is keeping her options open, rather than showing Jay as working the hustings to get himself back into a position of power.

I wouldn't be surprised to see.....

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