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Survivor 33: Trust Your Gut
A Stimpy Snarkfest
Decemer 1, 2016

Let's face it: he THINKS it's an advantage, so he IS going to use it. We were given a precursor to that when he mused last week about swiping the reward from David because 'he hadn't earned it'. The kid just can't really think shit through properly.

Will is dead-weight at this point.

Jay? Like I said above, I would have liked to have seen a bit more from him with regards as to whom to sell his vote to, rather than just selling it out to the first person who asked.

I mean I get it, you're looking for ANY opening you can get, but if you can show the forethought to NOT to play your talisman because of everything you heard at Tribal Council? You should also show some recognition of the fact that there were two factions going at it, and that gave you options.

As for your Lurve group, you're probably right to have concerns for all three of them. Hannah has at least shown some ability to adapt, and even Ken has shown some as well. David? Not so much, except when he's backed into a corner.

And why didn't they try and get Jay (and Will) to vote with them? I assume Hannah at least tried, or it was talisman-hubris. In that, we don't need the votes of guys who we still want to boot at some point, and we can gun Zeke with a talisman, so what the hell?

Or something like that. I can only relate to you folks how it SHOULD be done. When it's done badly I can only demonstrate the idiocy. I'm not able to always describe the reasoning behind it, because I can't think THAT stupid.

Kudos. You didn't even wait until the corpse of Chris' game was cold before you started tearing into it for the 'autopsy' and finding ALL the faults with his game. I wish it was the exception rather than the rule, but too often this is the game of the alpha-male: Do as I say! You should all listen to me and bow down in my glory! I will not tolerate independent thought.

Even though we didn't much of anything other than from Sunday, last week's preview seemed to indicate Chris (along with Bret) was still nursing a serious case of the shits for Jessica, stemming all the way back to Paul's ouster. That kinda tunnel-vision is NEVER a good thing.

Like you said, he blew up the alliance trust, and people started scrambling to different camps to try and protect themselves. And again, it needs to be said, he didn't need to take this path!

Jessica had shown NO indication (other than admitting to Michelle she and Ken were willing to consider voting for Chris - but we didn't see that) that she was gunning for Chris, Sunday or Bret! But sour grapes ruled the day and she was Chris' target. And it got him booted.

Lastly let me say, I take issue with you characterizing it as 'Stimpy bellowing' about showing others why it's a good move for them. I mean, sure I harp and drive a point into the ground. But bellowing? Ouch.

A tear. Okay, seriously. A tear.


I feel for ya sir, I really do. Despite getting a bit of a 'rough' edit during the first reward, Bret showed a great deal of calmness following Chris' departure. And I knew Chris' boot would thrill you no end.

But then after the revelation that he's gay as well (as it was noted, we had to pause for you to do your happy dance), it was as if Bret looked around and noticed with Chris' departure, there was now a dearth of assholes, and decided to pick up that banner for himself.

Still it was a VERY sage point to make: Prior to that, Bret had been positioning himself as a nicer (Ethan) right-hand to the dominant asshole (Lex), and it could have easily got him the win if things played out in the right way. Now? Dunno.

You'd think after thirty days these people would have figured out that Adam is an idiot and anything he says needs to be carefully gauged, rather than accepting it as face-value. So on that note, David BLEW it worse that Fat Man and Little Boy did over Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Yeah, I went there.

With regards to Hannah, despite being reasonably sane with her approach to the game - in terms of not locking herself off of anything - I can't see any way she sidles back up to Zeke after knowing that he lead the charge to cull the votes to oust her.

Certainly she's got cause to give David the big stink-eye, but other than currently being on the wrong side of the numbers, there's not much reason to cut herself off from him.

You bring up a good point too about her 'Ken crush'. Despite not being given to making predictions, any chance she slips into Jessica's spot as Ken's number one?

I don't think it's too early to liken Will to South Pacific Albert. I don't see anything even remotely resembling game-ability from this kid.

tarheelpet beat me to it with regards to your concerns about David and the talisman. He's not 'relying on hidden idols to get by'. He hasn't used one on himself. Ultimately though, if you really want to parse things with his play of them: He used one to save Jessica, and then blew the other on the wrong person, and THAT got Jessica booted.

I doubt any juror would approach it from that particular angle (due to it being 'intelligent' and all - just watch though, Michelle probably will), but it is a valid point.

It'll be interesting.....

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